Mr. WrestleMania shares his 'Mania Moments

Mr. WrestleMania shares his 'Mania Moments

March 30, 2003
Seattle, WA

"Wrestlemania XIX was my first one back after believing my career was over. And that match, against Jericho, was phenomenal. From then on, every match after that felt like a second chance. Before my bout at 'Mania XII, Vince McMahon said to me, 'Hey, I want you to enjoy this time.' And when I came back in 2002, he asked me about that night. And I had to admit that I didn't enjoy then. But I do now."

March 30, 2008
Orlando, FL

"Everything in that match, emotionally, for Ric [Flair] and me was genuine. So it's fitting that I actually didn't go quite as far as I wanted to [when i went for the moonsault to the outside] and ended up breaking my ribs on the table. It changed things for the viewer. If, just for a moment, you can make the audience feel genuine emotion, that's the key to what we do. And that makes all the difference in the world."

The 25th Anniversary of WRESTLEMANIA
April 5, 2009
Houston, TX

"To fully appreciate these matches, you have to understand that there was simply a moment in time when people who made the decisions in WWE thought Undertaker and I would never wrestle. He's too big and ominous, and I'm too small and flaky. And so, for it to come down to him and me being the guys who were the cornerstone of WWE for two decades, that was pretty cool. I don't know if I've ever wrestled a perfect match, but that one in Houston came pretty darn close. It worked—and I couldn't think of a better Superstar to have done that with."

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