10 reasons Sheamus will rule at WrestleMania

10 reasons Sheamus will rule at WrestleMania

6. “Pride feels no pain.”
From thumping his chest to his deafening war cry to embracing his status as a “Hooligan,” Sheamus embodies Irish pride. He carries himself strong and tall, and is ferociously committed to the cause, whether he’s vanquishing an opponent to settle a grudge or to win a title. His pride can carry him through even the most savage and brutal beatings and could hoist him all the way to a WrestleMania victory.

7. “Reputations last longer than lives.”
When all’s said and done, Sheamus isn’t in this for the glory, the titles, the fortune or the fame. He’s in it to build a legacy and to create something that will last long after he’s hung up his boots. The desire to leave that far-reaching legacy is fervent enough that he’s willing to endure whatever pain, torture and punishment his opponents can dish out in the ring.

8. “He who follows his own will is a king.”
Say what you will about Sheamus, there has never been another Superstar like him in WWE, before or since. Rather than try and squeeze his massive frame into some kind of preconceived mold, or rely on the clichés that have consumed other Irish Superstars, he’s remained true to himself and to his own persona. And it has worked, taking The Celtic Warrior from an insufferable reprobate to a favorite of the WWE Universe in a fairly short span of time. Sheamus’s total refusal to compromise is representative of his iron will, which will no doubt be on display in full force come April 7.

9. “An Irishman is never at peace except when he’s fighting.”
Like Finlay before him, Sheamus loves nothing more than a good old-fashioned brawl. When punches are flying, muscles are working and bruises are blossoming, Sheamus truly is in his element. While some men may retreat from a fight, Sheamus marches directly toward it, fists clenched, knuckles cracking — totally unafraid. His opponent could be looking to end the match quickly, but Sheamus has a different approach. He wants to take his time.

10. “The man with the boots does not mind where he places his foot.”
We think this one pretty much speaks for itself. Sheamus is the man with the boots. And where will he place his foot on April 7? We’ll be tuning in to WrestleMania to find out, but if you want to take a wild guess, we’re sure Daniel Bryan could offer up some suggestions.

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