Bad case of ringworms

Bad case of ringworms

The blood-red visage of's No. 10 Wildest WWE Superstar can quite literally stop a clock—especially the ones he smashes over his skull. His victims, meanwhile, are more concerned that time has run out for them. Emerging from the darkest shadows, thickening smoke and intense red lighting, this powerful, menacing creature casts a maniacally gleeful grin while his body spasms uncontrollably toward the ring. Many of his opponents want desperately to run, yet find themselves virtually mesmerized by fear. His wild eyes are transfixed on theirs, his breath reeking of foul, disgusting things digested only moments before. Yet it's the predator's frightening words that echo through their minds before he strikes.

I'm The Boogeyman! And I'm comin' to getcha!

Since first he surfaced from the Bottomless Pit in October 2005, Boogeyman has relished inflicting punishment on WWE's Superstars. Many claim that his very presence—punctuated by his recitation of nursery rhymes and demented riddles in a creepy sing-song tone—is enough to unsettle his in-ring quarry. Those who don't scare so easily, however, are often immobilized by Boogeyman's freakish strength. The power of his Pumphandle Slam or Chokebomb is matched only by his hunger for in-ring mayhem, or his voracious appetite for nourishing himself on live worms—a tasty treat he has shared with more than one unwilling victim. (In a fashion that could be compared to a bird regurgitating food to share with its young, only more disgusting.)

It's hard to explain in layman's terms what exactly Boogeyman is trying to accomplish in WWE; although championship gold is the greatest incentive for a WWE Superstar, at times he seems more interested simply in feeding off others' trepidation to face him. Many suspect that even he may not fully comprehend his own actions, and...well, let's face it. Boogeyman's unpredictable nature doesn't exactly make him an "open book" that fans want to read. Nevertheless, he does achieve results, having defeated many of WWE's greatest Superstars, including World Champions like JBL and King Booker.

Boogeyman may not be the only member of his kind (as evidenced by the occasional appearance of "Little Boogey," a diminutive version of himself), though he is clearly one of a kind in World Wrestling Entertainment. Only time will ultimately reveal what he desires most—time that, unfortunately for his adversaries, is on his side. He savors the "tick-tock" of the clock, counting down the seconds before meeting his next unsuspecting challenger in the ring. So before that time comes, it seems somewhat appropriate for to offer a word of advice in the paraphrased words of an Edward D. Wood screenplay: "Beware. Take care. Beware…."

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