Salt & battery

Salt & battery

Bret "Hit Man" Hart had Yokozuna right where he wanted him.

In the closing moments of the main event of WrestleMania IX, the WWE Champion pulled off the impossible when he locked the near-600-pounder in the devastating Sharpshooter. The big man was seconds away from tapping out and his manager, Mr. Fuji, knew it. That's when the scheming Fuji grabbed a handful of salt from his pocket and tossed it into Hart's face.

Blinded by the abrasive crystals, The Hit Man collapsed to the mat and was immediately smothered and pinned by the sumo wrestler. The WWE Hall of Famer had lost his coveted title on The Grandest Stage of Them All thanks to a handful of sodium chloride, earning salt the No. 9 spot on's list of "Unlikely Weapons That Impacted WWE History."

Even before this infamous night, Fuji had earned repute as one of the most underhanded figures in WWE. Once a feared competitor, the Japan native made the transition to managing in the mid-80s and used his trademark cane and handfuls of salt to help vicious Superstars like Don Muraco, Killer Khan and The Powers of Pain steal victories. But the crooked Fuji never had a client as promising as the 589-pound goliath known as Yokozuna.

A champion sumo wrestler before arriving in WWE, Yokozuna literally flattened every opponent he faced and quickly earned himself a WWE Championship Match against Bret Hart at WrestleMania IX after winning the 1993 Royal Rumble. Going into the bout, the monster was the favorite, but if anyone could pull off an upset it was The Hit Man.

Weathering Yokozuna's offensive storm, Hart waited for the perfect moment to take advantage of the big man and found it when the sumo champion's noggin was knocked on an exposed turnbuckle. With his opponent down, the legendary Superstar applied his trademark Sharpshooter and waited to hear the sound of Yokozuna screaming out in submission.

But instead of getting his hand raised in victory, Hart was blasted in the face by a thick cloud of salt. Thrown by a sneering Fuji, the salt was at ringside so that Yokozuna could purify his fighting space as sumo wrestlers do in Japan. In Fuji's hands, however, the crystals became a very dangerous weapon.

Although the dastardly move allowed Yokozuna to win the WWE Championship, the reign wouldn't last long. Moments later, Hulk Hogan arrived at the ring and challenged the new WWE Champion to a title match. The giant arrogantly accepted and was dispatched of in record time, putting him in the record books for the shortest WWE Title reign in history.

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