Tale of the (duct) tape

Tale of the (duct) tape

In a Last Man Standing Match, the object is to render your opponent unable to get back to his feet. However, a Superstar doesn't necessarily have to knock out their opponent to win such a match; only prevent them from standing up before a ring official's 10-count. Such was the case with No. 10 on WWE.com's list of Unlikely Weapons, when then-WWE Champion John Cena adhered to a resourceful game plan -- and lots of duct tape -- to keep his bitter rival, Batista, stuck to the canvas at Extreme Rules in April 2010.

In the weeks leading up to WrestleMania XXVI, Batista, then the WWE Champion, made an effort to constantly remind Cena that while he may be a multi-time world champion, Cena has never defeated The Animal. However, in the main event of The Show of Shows, John Cena won the WWE Championship for the seventh time, making Batista tap out to the STF.

The Animal refused to accept his loss on The Grandest Stage of Them All, claiming that it was a fluke. Invoking his rematch clause for Extreme Rules, Batista would have the opportunity to best Cena in a Last Man Standing Match, where either Superstar would irrefutably claim victory.

At Extreme Rules, the WWE Universe witnessed one of the most brutal battles in recent memory. Both Cena and Batista stopped at nothing to try and keep the other down for a 10-count. Though chairs, tables and an assortment of tools were used, both ring titans refused to stay down. The epic skirmish could have gone on for hours, until Cena found the perfect instrument that would keep The Animal grounded: perhaps the most common of Home Depot items, a large roll of duct tape.

With the steel ring post in between Batista's legs, Cena wrapped the strong adhesive tape around The Animal's feet and ankles, making it impossible for him to stand. As the referee began the 10-count, Cena continued to humiliate Batista with "You Can't See Me" taunts before finally walking away with the WWE Championship.

Although the humiliation stuck with Batista, he was granted one more opportunity to defeat Cena the following month at WWE Over the Limit in an "I Quit" Match -- and he failed yet again. Aggravated by three straight losses to Cena, an outraged Animal quit WWE the following night on Raw. However, it can be argued that such a powerful figure literally falling to the power of duct tape had been the main sticking point behind Batista's growing frustrations.

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