Colin for help

Colin for help

Tommy Dreamer's legacy within ECW has certainly put him in touch with his "Rough Side" on countless occasions. However, one of ECW's newest Superstars, Colin Delaney, owes his Extreme future to Dreamer's "Soft Side," in what hails as its No. 9 "Rough Side/Soft Side" Superstar Moment.

Delaney had suffered a rough, rough road before he was able to finally score a contract with WWE, fighting some of the biggest monsters on the roster. No matter how vicious the beatings were, he always came back for more. But during ECW on Sci Fi on January 29, 2008, WWE Tag Team Champions The Miz & John Morrison sought to correct that in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match; even after the duo had already won the unfair contest, they continued their relentless assault on Delaney.

Suddenly, much to the delight of the fans in Reading, Pa., Dreamer rushed to Delaney's rescue, chasing away Miz & Morrison and assisting the battered up-and-comer to the back. More important, however, Dreamer took it upon himself to help the determined Delaney realize his Extreme potential.

In the ensuing weeks and months since first coming to his aid, Dreamer continues to stand side-by-side and mentor Delaney. The pair have tag-teamed on several occasions, including WWE Tag Team Title opportunities, and Dreamer has been instrumental in Delaney finally gaining his much-desired WWE contract.

Much like Terry Funk had guided Dreamer's Extreme career years ago, in the inaugural days of ECW, things seem to have come full-circle for the Extreme Superstar; though his career is nowhere nearing an end, Dreamer has become the veteran ring warrior whose "Soft Side" will ultimately carve a path for someone just embarking on a journey in the Land of the Extreme.

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