Retiring on pins and needles

Retiring on pins and needles

WrestleMania VII saw its fair share of highs when it emanated from the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena in 1991. But it was the intriguing Retirement Match (not completely unlike Ric Flair's Career Threatening Match with Shawn Michaels at this year's WrestleMania) between "Macho King" Randy Savage and Ultimate Warrior that stole the show and made our fans move to the edge of their seats, making it's No. 3 ‘Mania Match that Made Us Sweat.

Savage's speed and agility went head-on with Warrior's raw power, but it was 20-plus minutes in WWE history that won't soon be forgotten. The back-and-forth action was as fast-paced as it was brutal, with each Superstar battling valiantly for their very career. At one point, our fans in Los Angeles' Sports Arena couldn't believe how Ultimate Warrior kicked out after receiving five consecutive top-rope elbow drops from Savage.

The entire world seemed convinced that it was Warrior's career coming to an end when he began to walk away after his patented Gorilla Press Slam and splash couldn't keep Savage down. "Macho King" stayed on the attack, and Warrior ran back into the ring, igniting even more madness from the capacity crowd. Ultimate Warrior would draw from that energy, however, and deliver a relentless barrage of shoulder blocks to Savage, finally pinning him with one foot on "Macho King's" chest.

Even after the match ended, the excitement didn't; an irate Queen Sherri entered the ring and began to verbally and physically berate the fallen Savage. Our fans screamed to the stands where Miss Elizabeth was seated, and the former manager of Savage rushed to his aid, throwing Sherri to the ground and reuniting with "Macho Man" in one of WWE's most memorable moments. While the aftermath of the contest made us cry, the Retirement Match at WrestleMania VII will go down as a fantastic, hard-fought, edge-of-your-seat thriller that made us sweat.

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