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With deepest regrets and tears that are soaked,
I'm sorry to hear your dad finally croaked.
He lived his own life on his own terms
Soon he'll be buried and eaten by worms.
                     -Big Boss Man

The above is just an excerpt from a shockingly callous poem penned by Big Boss Man after he learned of the death of Big Show's father. The pitiless policeman relished mocking Show's loss, even going so far as to crash the funeral and steal the casket containing Show's father - a grave robbery that has earned him the No. 5 spot on the list of Great Highway Robberies in WWE History.

As a crowd of black-clad mourners gathered for his father's funeral, The World's Largest Athlete addressed their sullen faces, uncharacteristically verging on tears as he described how much he would miss his dad. The eulogy was abruptly cut short, however, when a patrol car rolled up, complete with P.A. system atop the roof, and Boss Man began broadcasting cruelties at Show and his family -- even propositioning Show's newly-widowed mother.

While Show's family attempted to comfort him, the repulsive incident came to a head as Boss Man chained the casket containing the giant's father to the patrol car's bumper. As the lawman stomped the gas, Show gave chase, jumping atop the casket and riding for several feet before finally being thrown and tumbling through the graveyard as Boss Man made a ghastly getaway.

Depending on your point of view, the embalmed burglary proved either an ingenious act of retribution or a slap in the face of all that is decent and holy. In any case, neither man saw fit to make amends, which only helped fuel the intensely personal rivalry between two of WWE's biggest Superstars. 

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