Urn-ing the advantage!

Urn-ing the advantage!

It was the supposed supernatural reputation of The Undertaker's mystical urn that made its notorious capture the No. 3 Great Highway Robbery in WWE History. And the severity of this unspeakable act was only compounded by the fact that it happened not once … but twice.

Throughout WWE history, whenever an object of personal, monetary or sentimental value was stolen from a Superstar, they would go to the most extreme lengths possible to get it back, swearing vengeance on all involved. But, how would a squared circle warrior fight to retrieve their lost possession if the very thing that was stolen was the source of their strength to begin with?

At one time, the trademark urn of The Undertaker was almost as legendary as the ominous Phenom himself. Throughout his early career, The Deadman's manager, Paul Bearer, would hold the mysterious object before him as a dark symbol of impending doom. And as The Demon of Death Valley's legend grew, so too did the speculation of what mystical powers the sacred container might possess. Superstars and fans alike began to believe that it may even carry with it the ability to give renewed strength to its intimidating owner, allowing him raise up and conquer even the strongest of opponents.

The tale of the urn's horrific larceny came about during The Undertaker's furious one-man rivalry with Ted DiBiase and his Million Dollar Corporation. Ironically, it had been "The Million Dollar Man" that had first introduced the future legend as a mystery member of his Survivor Series Team in 1990.
In the 1995 Royal Rumble, The Phenom triumphed over Corporation associate I.R.S., withstanding interference from The Druids. But, in the midst of winning the battle, he ultimately lost the war. As fellow associate King Kong Bundy brought his own brand of destruction upon The Deadman, The Corporation suddenly attacked Paul Bearer, snatching the dark Superstar's urn from his clutches. In that single moment, everything changed. Time stood still and the future flooded in a sea of cloudy uncertainty. Once the urn was taken away, would The Undertaker ever be the same again?

The treacherous act eventually led to a showdown with Bundy on The Grandest Stage of Them All, WrestleMania XI, and the stakes could not have been higher. The Undertaker fought both to regain control of his urn and keep his growing WrestleMania winning streak alive. But without the urn in his corner, his defeat seemed more certain with every moment that passed in the intense encounter.

Then suddenly, the WWE Universe exploded in a state of thunderous pandemonium. In The Deadman's most desperate hour, Paul Bearer prevailed in a struggle of his own, recovering the urn from the Corporation's control! With a miraculously rejuvenated spirit, The Demon of Death Valley rose out of the ashes of the fallen and powered back to reign supreme over another mighty adversary. It appeared as if the recaptured urn had helped make it possible for The Phenom to extend his WrestleMania winning streak to 4-0, ultimately setting him on a path to dark immortality.

But just when it seemed that order had been restored and The Undertaker had achieved justified retribution, destiny delivered another tragic blow. From out of nowhere, fellow Corporation member Kama once again stole the urn from Bearer. And this time, there would be no way to make things right. Kama would melt the stolen urn into a large gold necklace.

Though Kama would eventually be punished with the wrath of The Demon of Death Valley, The Deadman would never again be able to summon the powers from that incarnation of the urn again, forced to move beyond its power in his continued service of darkness.

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