Reptilian robbery

Reptilian robbery

For years, "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase terrorized WWE, fostering extended rivalries with many of the promotion's most popular Superstars. One of the treacherous tycoon's most storied confrontations however, was with none other than Jake "The Snake" Roberts. During the year between WrestleManias V and VI the two WWE Legends fought relentlessly over both Roberts' purloined python, Damien, and DiBiase's misappropriated Million Dollar Championship in what is's No. 10 Great Highway Robbery.

Their rivalry began on April 2, 1989 at the fifth annual WrestleMania, where "The Snake" faced off against WWE Hall of Famer Andre the Giant. Though Roberts ended up winning the match by disqualification, the contest was not without its complications. Most notably, DiBiase and his henchman Virgil made their way to the ring, where they snatched the reptilian Superstar's pet, the massive python known as Damien. Though Roberts retrieved his mascot, he would have to fight over the snake once again a few months later.

During an episode of Saturday Night's Main Event on Oct. 14 of that same year, "The Million Dollar Man" was battering Hulk Hogan with the help of the monstrous Zeus. Hoping to even the score against the fiscally ferocious Superstar, Roberts made his way to the ring to assist The Hulkster. But while "The Snake" was busy dealing out the hurt, Virgil rushed to the ring and made off with Damien once again. Just as before, however, Roberts prevailed against his covetous rivals and retrieved his serpentine sidekick.

After months of enduring robbery attempts from DiBiase and his associate, Roberts finally gave his rival a taste of his own medicine on Jan. 20, 1990. As "The Million Dollar Man" brutally dismantled an unlucky opponent, "The Snake" slithered to the ring, where he relieved DiBiase of his diamond-encrusted Million Dollar Championship.

Trading thefts, the enraged millionaire went on a tear trying to retrieve his coveted title, even going so far as to try hiring Big Boss Man to steal Roberts' canvas sack, with both the Million Dollar Title and Damien contained inside. However, despite DiBiase's best efforts to grease the palms of those capable of obtaining his title and Roberts' pet, it wasn't until WrestleMania VI that all of the two rival Superstars' belongings were returned to their rightful owners. On the night of April 1, 1990, "The Million Dollar Man" squared off against "The Snake" with the Million Dollar Title on the line. With his trusty lackey Virgil at his side, DiBiase defeated his opponent, defending his championship and bringing the physical title back to its home around his waist.

Roberts and Dibiase's rivalry with one another stands apart as one of the most exciting and heated, due to the fact that their matches were over much more than just pride. The two legendary Superstars were fighting for something near and dear to their hearts, in one case a beloved pet, and in the other a priceless gold and diamond-covered title.

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