Who's your daddy?

Who's your daddy?

The union between Triple H and Stephanie McMahon began as a marriage made in hell, eventually spawning the McMahon-Helmsley Era and a faction comprising some of sports-entertainment's most powerful Superstars. Though the two were married earlier, they began working together in earnest at Armageddon 1999, when Stephanie turned her back on her father, Mr. McMahon and joined with her husband in WWE.com's No. 5 Hardest Hitting Betrayal.

Less than a month beforehand, the Chairman's daughter was prepared to marry Test on Raw, but Triple H interrupted the ceremony to show a video of him and a drugged Stephanie McMahon getting married in Las Vegas. Mr. McMahon's desire to put an end to this unholy union led him to take part in a brutal No Holds Barred Match against Triple H at Armageddon, where by winning, the marriage between his daughter and The Game would be annulled.

Fighting against the odds, and refusing to stay down, McMahon's battle with his son-in-law raged throughout the arena, even making its way out to the parking lot, where the sadistic Cerebral Assassin attempted to smash a speeding car into his bride's father. After beating the WWE Chairman to the ground for what felt like the hundredth time, The Game took hold of the microphone and addressed Stephanie, seated at ringside.

"I'm about to finish him," Triple H growled. "He's done, but you'll never have to ask yourself, ‘Who's your daddy?' because baby, daddy's standing right here in front of you."

With that Triple H dragged his father-in-law back into the ring, and went to cave his head in with a sledgehammer. As he had done throughout the match, however, Mr. McMahon fought back, again gaining the upper-hand, and allowing his daughter the opportunity to use The Game's own signature weapon against him. But Stephanie hesitated, giving Triple H all the time he needed to strike, laying out the WWE Chairman for the final time that night.

As Stephanie hovered over her incapacitated father, who just lost one of the most vicious matches of his life all on her behalf, the look of terror and anguish on her face slowly transformed. The bride of Triple H began laughing, and rose to embrace her husband in an act that shocked and appalled the entire WWE Universe.

Stephanie and Triple H would go on to consolidate their forces, gaining allies and squashing their enemies, all while ruling WWE with an iron fist. It all began, however, with a daughter's ultimate betrayal.

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