The grape of his grapefruits

The grape of his grapefruits

OK, OK we admit it: We cheated. The marquee promised the Greatest 15 Moments in Raw's 15-year history, and we're giving you 15 ½.

But you understand why. Raw has had so many great moments they couldn't be contained in a list of only 15, especially this little shocker from Sept. 10, 2007.

The revelation that Mr. McMahon had an illegitimate child and that the child was a WWE Superstar was shocking enough. But when little Hornswoggle was ultimately revealed as the bastard fruit -- dare we say grape -- of the Chairman's grapefruits, the news sent giant shockwaves that are still being felt today and earns an honorary mention as No. 15 ½  in's Greatest Moments in Raw history. (WATCH)

For weeks, speculation ran wild about the identity of McMahon's illegitimate child. Though he initially dreaded the news, the Chairman was desperate to find out who was the long-lost McMahon. From ECW's Balls Mahoney to The Great Khali to longtime nemesis "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, almost everyone on the WWE roster was suspected of being a McMahon -- even Triple H.

Once upon a time, The Game was like a son to the Chairman, but even Mr. McMahon was horrified at the possibility that his former son-in-law could be, gulp, his bastard. Still, he never imagined that a key clue in the search for his lost child, "things are looking up," referred to a little guy who had a taste for Lucky Charms and liked to hide under the ring.

Today, Hornswoggle is still trying to win his dear old man's love -- and we can't really tell whether No. 15 ½ is a Raw moment the Chairman would rather forget.


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