The Bedpan Heard 'Round the World

The Bedpan Heard 'Round the World

With Mr. McMahon in the hospital recovering from a broken ankle, some Superstars took the opportunity to visit the Chairman, which led to our No. 11 Greatest Moment in Raw History in October 1998.

The cameras in Mr. McMahon's room saw his corporate lackey, Mankind, bring clowns and balloons for the Chairman. But that wasn't all. The ever-enthusiastic Mankind continued to entertain his brooding boss with an impromptu sock puppet which would go on to become the most famous sock in WWE history, Mr. Socko.

An annoyed McMahon shoved the animal balloons off his bed and ordered Mankind and his clown friend out of his room. But the Chairman's torment wasn't over. As the nurse left the Chairman's side, McMahon's nemesis, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin struck from the shadows.

Disguised in doctor scrubs, the Texas Rattlesnake jumped the bedridden McMahon with a flurry of punches, then clubbed at the Chairman's wounded leg, making him howl in excruciating pain.

As McMahon struggled to escape, Stone Cold grabbed a nearby bedpan and clanged it loudly off his skull, knocking the Chairman out of his hospital bed.  Watch the video...

Then the Rattlesnake charged two defibrillator paddles and gave the Chairman a jolt, ending a "shocking" night for Mr. McMahon in Raw's history.

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