Who was that masked man?

Who was that masked man?

All Superstars aim to make a strong impression in their WWE debut. Rey Mysterio, however, opted to defy gravity. In his first, fateful night on SmackDown -- July 25, 2002 -- the masked Superstar catapulted himself off the top of a steel cage and into the No. 4 position of WWE.com's "Great Leaps of Faith."

Like many unexplainable phenomena, Mysterio's historic aerial attack arose from unexpected circumstances -- namely, a match of mayhem that he wasn't even a part of. It all began with a score-settling Steel Cage Match between Chris Jericho and Edge, a hard-fought battle in which the future Rated-R Superstar would ultimately triumph by scaling the cage just as Jericho was attempting to crawl threw the door.

However, moments after the bell sounded his victory, Edge was suddenly attacked by the treacherous Un-Americans -- Christian, Lance Storm and Test -- who joined Jericho in a vicious assault. Though rookie Superstar and future World Champion John Cena brought the WWE Universe to its feet, charging into the squared circle to try and even the odds, the 4-on-2 onslaught by their ruthless aggressors was still much too insurmountable to fend off.

But, absolutely no one in the crowd was prepared for the selfless intensity of Rey Mysterio. Fresh off his debut win over Chavo Guerrero earlier that night, The Ultimate Underdog knew that if he did not take action in the face of Jericho and company's savage attack, all would be lost. As the non-stop massacre continued to play itself out into the ring, SmackDown's newest Superstar appeared from nowhere and, in an unbelievable moment of pure heroism, ascended to the top of the intimidating steel structure.

Then, as the perplexed fans stared in utter disbelief, The Master of the 619 threw caution to the wind -- and his body in the air -- and hoped for the best. The high-flying Superstar hurled himself into the void, descending upon his Un-American adversaries at astronomical speed to deliver an earth-shattering double, high cross body that would bring an end to the madness.

In one fleeting instant of breathtaking aerial unlikelihood, Rey Mysterio established himself as the exciting future of SmackDown. The high-flying Superstar did more than simply taken out his formidable foes that night. He forever cemented himself into the very fabric of WWE Superstar legend.

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