Superfly swats

Superfly swats

There have been many bitter rivalries throughout the history of WWE. However, few have been as intense as that of "The Magnificent" Don Muraco and "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka, the man who brought their contention to new heights on Oct. 17, 1983.

It was in the fallout of a most memorable Steel Cage Match between the dueling future WWE Hall of Famers that's No. 2 Great Leap of Faith occurred. Inside Madison Square Garden, Snuka landed his now infamous "Superfly" Splash on Muraco from the cage's peak, 15 feet above the ring.

The tension between Snuka and then-Intercontinental Champion Muraco had boiled over by the time the two Legends squared off inside the steel cage. The battle raged and the two competitors gave their all, taking out all their aggression on one another from steel wall to wall. Unfortunately, a miscalculation by Snuka would cause him to kick Muraco through the door of the cage and onto the floor, allowing the champion to retain the title.

Any celebration by Muraco was short-lived, however. "Superfly" pulled him back inside the cage and unleashed an even more severe attack. The assault culminated with Snuka ascending the steel, standing straight up with his arms outstretched atop the structure, and then executing his signature move in front of the cheering New York City crowd.

In the 1980s, WWE was dominated primarily by larger athletes and physically gifted Superstars who often relied on their strength and size to complement their in-ring ability. Although "Superfly" possessed an impressive physique, at 5-foot-10 he was hardly WWE's biggest Superstar at that point in time. Nevertheless, Snuka's actions at the Garden that night were larger than life. Never before had anyone taken such a leap of faith, and with this moment in the history books, the landscape of WWE would slowly but surely begin to change.

There may have been no tables, ladders, chairs or scaling of the TitanTron involved in this leap, but there was an unforeseen factor that only furthers its place as one of the most important moments in WWE history. Superfly's splash paved the way and encouraged more agile, high-flying Superstars such as Shawn Michaels and Rey Mysterio to elevate their desire to attain championship gold.

A number of future competitors, especially those watching from the live audience (such as Mankind), would later cite Superfly's steel cage flight as the very moment that inspired them to embark upon a journey to WWE. And although the distance of the jump may not be considered overly impressive by today's escalated standards, the WWE Hall of Famer set the standard for every Great Leap of Faith on this List to surpass.

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