Shattered Dreams

Shattered Dreams's No. 8 Whoa-mance was stranger than any movie dreamed up for the silver screen. From the moment Goldust, a bizarre, platinum-haired figure garbed in gold from face to toe, premiered at WWE in September 1995, he was all about quoting movies and playing mind games. Opposing WWE Superstars couldn't figure him out, nor did they want to; being the unfortunate object of his affection often meant being showered with not-so-veiled golden innuendo, including love letters, flowers, and scary-ass centerfolds of himself. Those who tried forcibly rebuking "Androgynous One's" gold lust in the ring would be subjected to his way too touchy-feely tactics, making them so uncomfortable to actually wrestle that their defeat was inevitable.

Further adding the freak on to Goldust's bizarre methods was the blonde bombshell Marlena, who first arrived on the scene at the 1996 Royal Rumble. Sitting in a golden director's chair with an unlit Cuban cigar in hand, the bronzed beauty played an Oscar-worthy role that night in getting the Bizarre Superstar ready for his close-up as the new Intercontinental Champion. It also established that while he may have had a thing for grappling men in the squared circle, his creative muse was all woman.

For the next year and a half, Goldust and Marlena's "er-odd-ic" relationship scorched WWE television while scarring the emotions of WWE Superstars and fans alike. The peculiar pair had no qualms groping one another during their "Shattered Dreams Productions" opening credits, or their "Walk of Fame" to and from the ring; if anything, knowing that everyone was watching only seemed to turn them on even more. And it certainly didn't stop the Bizarre One's antics to "shatter your dreams again and again, so that you will never forget the name of…ssssssss…Golllduussst."

By late 1997, however, Goldust and Marlena's dreams together had become the stuff of nightmares. Shortly after losing a bitter rivalry that provided Marlena's "services" to Brian Pillman for a month, Goldust—who had since revealed himself as Dustin Runnels, the son of WWE Legend Dusty Rhodes—dumped his dazzling director for far-out space nut Luna Vachon. That partnering wouldn't last very long, but by then the Golden One was tarnished; branching out as different personas had cost him his most famous identity, while any chance of reuniting with Marlena was lost after her new position(s) with Val Venis. Goldust would return eventually (several times, in fact), while Marlena—under her real name, Terri—enjoyed several more years in WWE as one of its Divas. Sadly (sort of), the movie-like madness produced by their .24-karat carnal cravings would never earn the rights to a sequel.

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