With this ring, Al be dead

With this ring, Al be dead

WWE fans liken it to a modern-day Cinderella story…but if it were up to Torrie Wilson, she'd put Dawn Marie's glass slipper in a place it couldn't possibly fit. On October 2002, the two Divas were backstage getting ready for a SmackDown Bikini Contest when Dawn encountered Torrie's newly divorced father, Al. It was love at first near-sight (at least, we think it was love) for the bespectacled Mr. Wilson, who got an exclusive sneak-peek at the bikini under the vixen's robe. As for Dawn, losing the competition but winning over Al offered her the opportunity to be at her darkest.

Over the next several weeks, Al became a WWE fixture backstage, traveling cross-country with the supposed intent of "surprising" his daughter with visits. However, Torrie was more surprised to learn that he was actually more interested in visiting Dawn—in her hotel room, in the locker room shower (where, thankfully, he kept his clothes on) and just about anywhere else he could get some nookie-nookie time with a Diva less than half his age. Torrie warned her father repeatedly that Dawn was a manipulative predator, yet poor Al remained more than willing to be her prey.

After weeks of trying (badly) to conceal his affair, Mr. Wilson would proclaim his love for Dawn in front of Torrie and the WWE fans, stating that she made him feel "strong, sexy and virile." An almost-universal sense of relief filled the arena when Al didn't further elaborate on his statement; Torrie, however, became visibly heartbroken as she watched her dad get down on one knee and propose marriage, to which Dawn's quivering lips answered, "Yes."

A week later, the Diva cover girl would receive a proposal from her soon-to-be wicked stepmom; while Al was away overseas, Dawn agreed to call off the wedding if Torrie called on her hotel room and spent the evening with her—and not for a slumber party. Desperate, Torrie agreed to visit Room 357 for a now-infamous rendezvous that involved lingerie, champagne and anything but sleep. Unfortunately, Dawn would turn the one-night stand against her; she'd circulate vicious rumors around the locker room, portray herself as the victim while twisting events for her ill-informed fiancé, and even play some shocking "kiss-and-tell" footage of the tryst at 2002's Armageddon.

Amazingly, none of this ended Mr. Wilson's love for the vamp; being either the most easygoing man in WWE history, or the most medicated, he still wanted his Dawn settling on her "Little Bobo." The sappy couple rang in the New Year with wedding bells inside SmackDown's squared circle, then went beyond the matrimony moments after saying "I do" by practically doing it in their skivvies! Much to fans' discomfort, Al and Dawn continued to share the loving a week later, from their honeymoon suite in Hawaii. There, the insatiable vixen repeatedly encouraged Mr. Wilson to consummate the marriage, so much that even though Al's spirit was willing, his flesh—more specifically, his heart—was simply too weak. Rigor mortis set in and, just like that, the honeymoon, and Al Wilson, were over.

During a public viewing of the body, Dawn and Torrie would try to bury the hatchet into each other's skulls, resulting in a first-ever Stepdaughter vs. Stepmother Match at the 2003 Royal Rumble. Torrie's victory in that contest was, understandably, of little consolation to her, while "Dawn of the Dead" forged ahead, refusing to be a grieving widow. In a way, she was kind of right to do so—as long as Al Wilson lives on in everyone's hearts, he isn't really gone. And WWE.com's No. 7 Whoa-mance is precisely the way to ensure that, for better or worse, in sickness and in health, this love affair just won't die.

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