Feeling the Heat

Feeling the Heat

He lies! He cheats! He scores! Spring was in the air, but it was Eddie Guerrero's searing "Latino Heat" that scorched Chyna's earth throughout the summer of 2000. The Ninth Wonder of the World was Eddie's No.1 "Mamacita," and their powerful chemistry together is WWE.com's No. 5 Whoa-mance.

Before April of that year, one could hardly say they shared the mutual look of love; in fact, Chyna showed downright distaste for Guerrero, who was clearly besotted by the chiseled wonder. He had spent weeks making goo-goo eyes in her direction, even when it seemed the closest intimate contact he'd get from her was in the squared circle at WrestleMania 2000, when she actually powerlifted him by his Latino Heat-seeker. (Yeowtch!)

Then Chyna pulled something even more unexpected at Raw the following night: she drilled ally Chris Jericho with a DDT that nearly sent Y2J into the next millennium, essentially gift-wrapping the European Championship for Eddie (who looked equally as shocked as the crowd watching). Clearly, despite her own fiery spirit and power, Chyna had succumbed to Latino Heat.

And what a sweltering heat it was—a blazing path of viselike love not seen before in World Wrestling Entertainment. Between cuddles, Chyna helped Eddie earn his GED (General Equivalency Diploma), then accompanied him to his prom hours before he defended his European Title against Essa Rios at Backlash (while still wearing the pants and bowtie from his rented tuxedo). They'd play Twister in the locker room; drive around in Eddie's black '57 Chevy while Chyna fondled his fuzzy dice (the ones wrapped around the rearview mirror); offer each other bouquets of roses before a match (plus the occasional lead pipe concealed within); and simply beat the crap out of anyone who got in their way. For the next several months, it seemed only Latino Heat could successfully get "Mamacita" off her feet…but not inside a wrestling ring.

With June, alas, came the initial signs of inclement weather ahead: a second-round King of the Ring Tournament Match that turned the lovers into opposing fighters. Eddie's schoolboy behavior—followed by a schoolboy rollup—would literally steal the victory out from under Chyna, who wanted him to take the contest seriously. Although he'd win her over with a cute li'l puppy days later, in retrospect the pup signaled that, deep down, the ever-charming Guerrero remained a Latino wolf in sheep's clothing.

Latino Heat wouldn't show signs of breaking again until August's SummerSlam, during which Chyna captured the Intercontinental Championship in her and Guerrero's specially stipulated Intergender Tag Team Match against Val Venis & Trish Stratus. Eddie—who had lost his European Championship by that point—assured he was happy that it was his "Mamacita" who "got lucky" that evening. In truth, however, jealousy had reared the greedy Guerrero's mullet head, and prompted him to covet Chyna's gold weeks later, by having her title defense against Kurt Angle turned into a Triple Threat Match. When Angle knocked Chyna out during the contest, Eddie rushed over to "protect" her—long enough for the referee to make the three-count. Watching the footage afterwards, Chyna confronted her boyfriend, who erupted into a defensive fury that left the Ninth Wonder of The World trembling and sobbing on the floor.

Eddie would quickly beg her forgiveness for his outburst, though in the ensuing weeks it seemed he'd have something to apologize for every night. He'd take his violent temper out in the ring, especially on the WWE Superstars whom Chyna considered close friends. He'd also fly into uncontrollable fits of rage at the very mention of Chyna's then-upcoming pictorial in Playboy magazine; insisting that no one would ever see his "Mamacita" nude, Eddie even drove over to the Playboy Mansion to personally retrieve the photos from Hugh Hefner. Though his embarrassing efforts ultimately failed, they succeeded in breaking poor Chyna's heart.

By late September, WWE fans wanted to see a light at the end of this now-dark tunnel of love, and it appeared one had shone through when a teary-eyed Eddie, realizing he was on the verge of losing Chyna, got down on one knee and proposed to her in the middle of the ring. A delirious "Mamacita" said yes, and their Latino Heat had rekindled…for about two weeks. While spending quality time destroying their latest ring opponents, the happy couple and WWE fans everywhere watched a video that suddenly appeared on the TitanTron—a video that showcased a very intimate shower between Guerrero and two of The Godfather's ho's! Almost instantly, a tearful Chyna would wash her hands of Eddie Guerrero, and although they'd spend several more weeks together by battling each other in the ring, it was clear that she had been burned by his Latino Heat for the very last time.

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