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Demolition: Pain and Destruction

Demolition: Pain and Destruction

The lyrics to Demolition's entrance theme music were accurate advertising for this powerhouse pair:
Here's comes the Ax. Here comes the Smasher /
The Demolition. Walking disaster. /
Pain and destruction are our middle names. /

                        - Rick Derringer, "Demolition"
The heavy metal Rick Derringer guitar riffs. The studded black outfits and jet black hockey masks. The combination equaled pure intimidation from the moment Ax & Smash hit the ring. And when the masks came off and the pair's fiery KISS-like face paint was revealed, WWE.com's No. 6 Greatest Tag Team was pure terror to witness from the opposite corner.
In the late 1980s, when hair bands and metal rock were en vogue, Demolition's wrecking-ball style dominated WWE's tag-team division stocked with talented tandems like The British Bulldogs, The Hart Foundation, The Rockers, the Powers of Pain and the Legion of Doom. During their four-year run in WWE, the men in black pounded their opposition into submission with thunderous ax handle blows. With their opponents reeling from the pairs' powerful onslaught, a decapitating top-rope elbow drop sealed the deal.
Arriving in 1988, the duo utilized the managerial services of the devious WWE Hall of Famer Mr. Fuji. Defeating Strike Force at WrestleMania IV, Ax & Smash held the titles for a record 478 days, until finally being defeated by the Brain Busters (Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson)..
After regaining the titles at WrestleMania VI, Demolition became a trio, adding Crush to this already formidable force. The group had utilized a rule instated by the famed Fabulous Freebirds trio -- a rule that allowed any two members of a team to defend the championship they held as a group. (The Spirit Squad would also use this rule in 2006 to declare their five-man team collective champions.)
Today, Demolition still holds the WWE all-time record for longest time as a championship pairing. During their three combined reigns as World Tag Team Champions, the team wore the gold for 698 days -- nearly two full years. Only Billy Gunn (917 days) and Mr. Fuji (931 days) have worn tag gold longer.

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