Reeking of awesomeness

Reeking of awesomeness

They may not have the longevity of some of the other top tag teams, but during their heyday, Edge & Christian "totally reeked of awesomeness" -- their words, not ours. As a unit, they were pioneers, solid entertainers and great champions, earning Team E&C the No. 4 spot on's list of the Greatest Tag Teams.

Originally adversaries, the brothers from Canada came together under the tutelage of Gangrel as The Brood in l998. The following year, they broke into the mainstream with their series of matches against The Hardys, culminating in the first-ever Tag Team Ladder Match. The never-before-seen contest was universally praised as one of 1999's best, putting both teams on the map.

E&C's pioneering ways continued, as their rivalries with The Hardys and The Dudleys led to the first ever Triangle Tag Team Ladder Match at WrestleMania 2000. It was there that Edge & Christian won their first World Tag Team Championship, a title they would hold a total of seven times over the next 13 months. They became pioneers once again at SummerSlam 2000, as the Triangle Ladder Match concept morphed into one that was even more brutal: The Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match.

During their year of dominance, however, the blond brothers' in-ring talent was equaled by their campy sense of humor and wacky shenanigans. Before matches, they began performing a "five-second pose for the benefit of those with flash photography," often mocking an opponent or a negative historical moment from whatever city they were in.

Frequently, the poses were paired with them dressed in a similarly mocking manner -- such as their portrayals of "Fat" Elvis & "Really Fat" Elvis in Memphis, Tenn., or wearing jerseys of rival sports teams.

They also developed their own unique E&C lingo. As good things often "reeked of awesomeness" -- like, say, the brothers themselves -- bad things were described as "sucktacular" and people they disagreed with were "chumpstains" or "dorkzillas." Then-WWE Commissioner Mick Foley was often the target of their abuse, as the Hardcore Legend frequently fluctuated between both extremes.

While they may have split in 2001, Edge & Christian's lore lives on among devoted WWE fans to this day. And that, as E&C would say, rocks the party that rocks the body.

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