The dogs in the fight

The dogs in the fight

When the British Bulldogs debuted in WWE, few could have predicted the team of Davey Boy Smith & The Dynamite Kid would have as large an impact as it did. An unmatched mixture of power, agility and ring savvy, the British Bulldogs were definitely more bite than bark, making them's No. 10 Greatest Tag Team.

The Bulldogs arrived in WWE via Stampede Wrestling, having trained under Stu Hart for a short time in the legendary Dungeon. Upon their influx in the mid-1980s, Davey Boy & Dynamite proved that not all dogs were color blind as they immediately staked their territory, winning World Tag Team gold at WrestleMania II. Shortly after, familiarity would breed contempt, and the Bulldogs would find themselves embroiled in a rivalry with the Hart Foundation -- the men they trained with in Calgary. The rivalry took both teams and the tag team division to new heights, adding to the pedigree of the British Bulldogs.

What captivated our fans the most was the way Davey Boy & Dynamite dominated their opponents. The combination of Smith's unreal strength with Dynamite Kid's high-octane offense left their competition dumbfounded. Dynamite ignored the adage that "you can't teach an old dog new tricks," as he displayed something innovative and awe-inspiring each time he stepped into the ring. Smith's route was much more direct -- he punished his opponents with brute force. When Davey Boy delivered his trademark Powerslam, it signaled that the end was near and that the Bulldogs would have their arms raised in victory. 

Davey Boy Smith & Dynamite Kid added a third partner during their tenure: Their beloved mascot, Matilda. The loveable bulldog drew the ire of numerous teams, most notably The Islanders, leading to a dog-napped rivalry that culminated in a WrestleMania IV Six-Man Tag Match. After the contest, Matilda chased Bobby "The Brain" Heenan (complete in anti-dog attire) right out of Trump Plaza in Atlantic City, N.J.

Beyond the in-ring contributions that Davey Boy Smith & Dynamite Kid left for the next generation of tag teams, both Superstars helped to revolutionize what tag team wrestling was all about. With class, dignity and a kennel full of talent, Smith & Dynamite rabidly wrestled their way into sports-entertainment immortality. The British Bulldogs showed that the ranks of tag team greatness weren't reserved strictly for pure-breeds -- the mark of true champions.

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