Mega-beauty stuns the beasts

Mega-beauty stuns the beasts

On Aug. 29, 1988, WWE's tag team division was shaken to its core when Hulk Hogan and then-WWE Champion "Macho Man" Randy Savage joined forces to form the Mega Powers. Hailed as one of the most dominant duos in sports-entertainment history, it's no wonder why their confrontation against the Mega Bucks tandem of Andre the Giant and "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase is regarded among the most memorable matches in SummerSlam lore.

Amazingly, however, the turning point of this contest -- and's No. 9 Greatest SummerSlam Moment -- came not from any of these four ring legends, or even special guest referee (and future Minnesota Governor) Jesse "The Body" Ventura. Instead, that immortal moment was provided by the First Lady of Wrestling, Miss Elizabeth.

In the late goings of the battle, the Mega Powers looked physically devalued by the Mega Bucks; DiBiase, having monetarily secured himself with a behemoth partner like Andre and "impartial" officiating from "The Body," was proving to be too much to handle. Elizabeth, watching her two favorite men struggle, suddenly hopped up on the apron and tore off her skirt, exposing a bikini bottom that dropped the jaws of everyone inside sold-out Madison Square Garden. Most important, it completely distracted the Mega Bucks and Ventura, long enough for Hogan and Savage to recover, rally and pick up the win.

Seeing Hogan and Savage hoist the hot-red bikini-bottomed Elizabeth on their shoulders remains more than a memorable sight for every man who has witnessed the event. Consider what that single moment also represented: In fact, it's not inconceivable that every Bra & Panties Match, Lingerie Contest or any other Diva-related specialty contest has this moment to thank for their existence.

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