The fast and the furious

The fast and the furious

If you bent down to tie your shoelaces, or ran into the kitchen for that last slice of pizza or coffee refill, you may have missed's No. 10 Greatest SummerSlam Moment. If you didn't, then you witnessed perhaps the most thrilling 30 seconds in sports-entertainment history.

Back on August 29, 1988, the first-ever SummerSlam's Intercontinental Title Match was supposed to pit reigning champion Honky Tonk Man against Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake. However, due to an injury suffered at the hands of Outlaw Ron Bass, Beefcake was unable to compete. Even though a replacement challenger had yet to be named, an overconfident Honky Tonk Man was so convinced that he would emerge victorious that he claimed not to care who he opposed. Having spent nearly 15 months as the Intercontinental Champion, the tone-deaf Elvis-garbed Superstar certainly had reason to strum on his "gee-tar" and feel "Cool, Cocky, Bad." However, on this particular night, his cockiness would prove to be his undoing.

No one in Madison Square Garden knew of relative newcomer Ultimate Warrior as his "Unstable" theme first permeated the Mecca of sports-entertainment, but neither our fans nor Honky Tonk Man would ever forget him. Regardless whether or not Honky Tonk realized immediately that he was in trouble, he didn't even have time to react to his face-painted powerhouse. It took just mere seconds, a gorilla press slam and a splash to bring the capacity crowd to its feet…and end the longest Intercontinental Championship reign in record time. More important, it ushered in a sports-entertainment icon who would one day wear sports-entertainment's ultimate prize—the WWE Championship.

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