Re-generation X's got two words for the No. 3 story of 2006: D-Generation X.

Were you ready? Mr. McMahon certainly wasn't. Throughout the first half of 2006, he was too busy setting Shawn Michaels up with crippling match stipulations, a compulsory retirement party and public drug test, and forced membership into his "Kiss My Ass Club"—essentially, leading HBK down a physically exhausting, emotionally draining highway to hell. However, neither the WWE Chairman nor the "product of his semen," Shane, had expected to cross paths with Triple H along the way, or that The Game and Michaels would regenerate their D-Generated ways.

After more than eight years apart, the crotch-chopping, juvenile founding fathers of D-Generation X reunited on Raw June 12. And in the hijink-filled months that followed, the pair reminded everyone why they're regarded as the wildest faction in WWE history. They established Mr. McMahon's infatuation with cocks; literally gave him, Shane, and the Spirit Squad a load of crap; seized control of a TV production truck during Raw; painted "DX" on the side of the boss' $30 million corporate jet, then on the outside of World Wrestling Entertainment's headquarters in Stamford, Conn.; and detached the rear axle from the rest of Mr. McMahon's stretch limousine.

Shenanigans aside, Triple H and Michaels knew when it was time to get serious inside the ring. First, they broke down the Spirit Squad in a 5-on-2 Handicap Match at Vengeance. At SummerSlam, they decimated the McMahons after miraculously plowing through the cheerleading Squad and Umaga, SmackDown's Ken Kennedy, Finlay, and William Regal, and ECW World Champion Big Show. The D-Generates topped even themselves at September's Unforgiven, pulling off an unlikely Hell in a Cell victory over the McMahons and Big Show, then shoving the Chairman's blood-soaked face into the seven-foot, 500-pound giant's rectum.

DX would remain unbeaten in tag-team action until November's Cyber Sunday, when controversial guest referee Eric Bischoff practically handed an upset win to the Rated-RKO tandem of Edge and Randy Orton. They'd also rebound from the setback just as quick, first enlisting the ass-istance of male stripper Big Dick Johnson to pay back Bischoff on the following night's Raw, then recruiting The Hardys and ECW's CM Punk to take care of Rated-RKO's team at Survivor Series. In successively eliminating Mike Knox, Johnny Nitro, Gregory Helms, Edge, and Orton, HBK and The Game co-captained the first quintet ever to win a Traditional Survivor Series Match completely intact.

What lies ahead for Shawn Michaels and Triple H is anyone's guess, though if 2006 was any indication, DX will mark the spot of their choosing. And if you're not down with that, they've got two words for you: "S**k it!"


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