Leah Maivia passes away

Leah Maivia, whose late husband High Chief Peter Maivia was inducted into WWE's Hall of Fame this past March, passed away on Sunday, Oct. 19, at the age of 81.

A staunch supporter of her husband's wrestling career, Mrs. Maivia got involved in the promotional end of the business herself. In 1979, Peter Maivia began promoting a group in Hawaii called NWA Polynesian Pro Wrestling. After the High Chief's death in 1982, Mrs. Maivia assumed the reigns of the promotion and ran the group until 1988.

And in her later years, she beamed with pride as her grandson, Dwayne Johnson, known to WWE fans as "The Rock," attained insurmountable success in the entertainment industry.

World Wrestling Entertainment offers its sincere condolences to the family and friends of Leah Maivia.

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