Nick Hogan's jailhouse conversations recorded posted several audio conversations between Terry Bollea a/k/a Hulk Hogan and his son, Nick who is currently serving eight months in prison for his August 2007 automobile accident that that left John Graziano in a coma.

In one conversation, Terry says God was responsible for what happened to Graziano as punishment for his own behavior. Nick responds to his father that Graziano was a negative person. Nick then tells his father to develop a reality series to begin with his release from incarceration. Terry tells his son that he will make him an owner is his upcoming television series with partners, Eric Bischoff and Jason Hervey.

In a second conversation, Terry tells Nick that he'll try to schedule a hearing to get Nick moved to another facility, but would not show up at the hearing because it would attract publicity and pressure the judge not to "do the right thing," Terry states in the recording. Terry also tells Nick not to tell his mother, Linda, about the hearing. reports that "law enforcement" officials supplied the Web site with the recordings. The Pinellas County (Fla.) Jail advises inmates that their conversations may be recorded.

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