Our favorite Randy Orton Vines

The fantastic and hilarious Randy Orton Vines have taken over the World Wide Web and the entire WWE Universe is in stitches over every single one of them. We've had a blast watching them — and even created one of our own — but we also wanted to share the five RKO Vines we liked the best.

First, here's the one we made. Did you think we weren't going to use The Shockmaster?

It's not so much the impact, but the slide after the drop that makes this one great.

This skater never had a chance.

This guy's friend could've at least warned him Orton was coming. Michael Cole tried to let him know, though.

You keep waiting for this lady to eat pavement, but you don't expect Randy Orton to make the introduction.

This guy gets some serious hangtime ... how could The Viper resist?

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