World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler speaks about his concussion

World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler speaks about his concussion

On Friday afternoon, was able to reach World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler for comment regarding the concussion he suffered Tuesday night at N.C. State that cost him two days of his memory.

“I didn’t even remember Monday until I watched Raw when I got home,” the champion revealed, in reference to the injury, which he sustained when he interfered in a match between Jack Swagger and Big E Langston. “I don’t even remember traveling from Raw to SmackDown. I don’t remember Tuesday. I remember AJ and Big E taking me to the airport on Wednesday morning.”

"I was told I interfered in a match and tried to get my hands on a ladder," said Ziggler, piecing together the timeline. "When I bent over to grab it, Jack Swagger kicked me in the head.”

Happily, Ziggler is on the mend since returning home, and his condition is improving.
"I feel a lot better today," The Showoff told of his recovery process. "Yesterday I had a bad headache. Today, I have a slight headache.”

While Ziggler’s suffered concussions before in his career, he said this was by far the worst.

“I didn’t know what day it was; I didn’t know what month it was.” he said. “I’ve had a couple of concussions before and just had a headache. I’ve never not remembered entire days, like someone in a movie.”

He continued, "WWE arranged for a Phoenix Suns doctor to see me. By the time I saw him, he said a CT scan was not necessary. He diagnosed me with retrograde amnesia. I’m going to see him again in a couple of days. I may need [a scan] then."

Although Ziggler didn't deny the injury shook him up a bit — "it's a little scary," he explained — he expects to be back in action soon and, happily, hasn't lost his sense of humor in the meantime.

"When I asked, over and over, what happened, AJ told me that Swagger kicked me in the head," said Dolph. "Apparently, all I said was ‘classic Swags.’ As for Del Rio, even a zombified me is more charismatic than Del Rio. I don’t get him. Maybe because he’s closer to my Dad’s age."

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