John Cena tells all on 'Live! With Chris Jericho' podcast on WWE Network

John Cena tells all on 'Live! With Chris Jericho' podcast on WWE Network

WWE Network Sneak Peek: John Cena discusses the magnitude of his OVW experience on "LIVE! with Chris Jericho"

U.S. Champion John Cena opens up about his career on "LIVE! with Chris Jericho" exclusively on WWE Network.

WWE Network’s live podcasts have set a precedent for hard-hitting questions, and Chris Jericho did not hold back in his first sit-down in the interviewer’s chair. With no less a guest than U.S. Champion John Cena fielding the questions, The Ayatollah of Rock ’n’ Rolla unleashed all in the inaugural edition of “Live! With Chris Jericho.” Cena did not hold back in his answers, speaking candidly on Mr. McMahon’s “Brass Ring” comments, calling The Rock out on live TV, bringing prestige to the United States Championship and impromptu marriage counseling in Alaska. Check out a sampling of Cena’s interview with Jericho below, and check out the full replay on WWE Network, free to new subscribers for the month of April, including Extreme Rules on April 26.

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CHRIS JERICHO: “I’m sure you’ve worked quite extensively, quite closely with the boss himself, with Vince McMahon. What’s your relationship with him now in 2015?”

JOHN CENA: “I think we both share the same vision. I think sometimes creatively, we’re different. But I love this company. There are people who say they love the ‘pro wrestling business.’ I love this company because I love the way it’s run. I love what we produce and the guy that runs it is the first to show up and the last to leave. And I’ve been lucky enough to surround myself with people like that for my entire life. So I took a real liking to the way that this guy does things. It’s just ‘All in, here we go, go forward.’ ”

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JERICHO: “I always say, the modern era, since the expansion back in ’84, that there’s the Mount Rushmore of WWE. You got Hogan; you got Rock; you got Austin; you got Cena. The four faces of the company. Who do you think can be the next face of the company, and do you think it matters anymore?”

CENA: “I don’t. With the dynamic now, I know that whoever even tries to inch into that spot will run into such a polarizing dynamic, because the audience screams for new, but when you present new to them packaged company-style, it’s immediately no good. I use Roman [Reigns] as an example. I think he is excellent. I truly think his work is smooth, he has a great look. He’s found himself more as a person. I like the fact that he’s kind of set up in these polarizing situations where he has to deal with getting it stuck to him every night. But he’s a star. This kid is an absolute star. And here they say we want new … give ’em new, and they say, ‘Ah, it’s not good enough.’ … It’s going to be weird from here on out.”

Find out what Cena has to say about what went on between him and The Rock beyond the ring, the importance of the United States Title and so much more with the full Jericho podcast on WWE Network

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