Cameron combats cyberbullying with 'Wrong #' single and awareness campaign

Cameron combats cyberbullying with 'Wrong #' single and awareness campaign

As a follow-up to her 2014 single, “Bye Bye,” Cameron returned to the studio with a new sound and a new message with “Wrong #,” a song that encompasses the WWE Diva’s personal campaign to fight cyberbullying of all kinds.

“Cyberbullying has become a huge epidemic, and it’s turned social media into a place for people to spread negativity when it should be a place to lift people up,” Cameron told about her mission to shine a spotlight on hurtful behavior online. “I speak with my fans a lot, and they’re the ones who inspire me. They’ve shared their stories with me, and it made me think, ‘You know what? Let me do something to raise awareness about this, but do it in a fun way through music.’”

Cameron’s anti-cyberbullying campaign kicked off in a big way this weekend with the lyric video for “Wrong #,” which features fan-submitted photos and artwork.

“The song is my sassy way of saying, ‘Hey, for every hater, there is a believer. And if you’re not about positivity, you have the wrong number.’ That’s the message,” Cameron said.

Spreading positivity was a huge part of Cameron’s life long before she debuted on WWE’s main roster in early 2012. Graduating from California State University, Northridge, with dual degrees in psychology and business marketing, she went on to work as a behavior therapist with autistic children. Since becoming a WWE Diva, Cameron has been incredibly active in support of the Be a STAR anti-bullying campaign, the Special Olympics, WrestleMania Reading Challenge and Susan G. Komen. Now, the indomitable Diva aims to inspire and empower others through her ongoing “Wrong #” campaign. 

“I want to encourage people to believe in themselves, and to be happy in the skin that they’re in,” she said. “Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not pretty enough, smart enough or tough enough to do anything. Because if you really want something, the sky is the limit.”

To watch the “Wrong #” lyric video (feat. Lovely), visit Cameron’s YouTube channel by clicking here. To learn more about Cameron’s campaign, click here.

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