Bring it Back!: International Pay-Per-View Events

While WWE has its roots firmly planted in the United States, there’s always been a unique electricity that accompanies its Superstars when they travel abroad. Today, with WWE’s ever-expanding global reach, it makes sense that it should once again expand its pay-per-view events to other countries. In the wake of the tremendous success all around the world in places like Australia, China, Mexico, France, Italy and the most recent tour of Dubai (PHOTOS), calls for the return of international pay-per-views!

Today, WWE has a growing stable of international Superstars, including Japan native Yoshi Tatsu, Canada’s Tyson Kidd and Mexico’s Alberto Del Rio. Just imagine the scenes in these Superstars’ native lands as they welcome home their WWE heroes.

WWE has a long, proud tradition of international pay-per-views, and we think the timing couldn’t be better to bring them back!

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