Brad Maddox found ... not in a cave

Brad Maddox found ... not in a cave

Former Raw General Manager Brad Maddox has been found and he's not in a cave.

Weeks ago, Maddox's post-firing "vacation" went awry when he "got lost in a cave" and documented it all on YouTube. WWE fans quickly discovered and buzzed about Maddox's increasingly strange videos, supposedly posted from a dark, cavernous pit in Mexico.

Watch: Maddox's strange YouTube videos | Brad's last appearance (and firing) on Raw

In his latest, possibly weirdest installment, the former Raw shot-caller revealed it all as a ruse that'll only further rile the WWE Universe, who were already doubtful of his claims. Get those pitchforks ready because, now, Brad wants you to come find him if you can ... assuming you'd want to at this point. Watch his newest video and see what we mean.

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