8 Superstar reality shows we want to see

8 Superstar reality shows we want to see

“Tough Enough” is returning to USA Network, “Total Divas” is about to conclude its third season on E! and WWE Network introduced the WWE Universe to “Legends’ House” last year. With all this success, WWE is carving a nice niche for itself in reality television.

"Total Divas" Season 3 Finale Trailer |  "Tough Enough" Returning

This got those of us at WWE.com thinking: What else could WWE come up with to expand its standing within the popular TV genre? If you guessed intellectual competitions with Erick Rowan, boardroom battles for that elusive brass ring and an undercover chairman, then you’re on the right track.

Behold, the eight Superstar reality shows we want to see.

'Good News with Bad News Barrett'

8 Superstar reality shows we want to see

Starring: Bad News Barrett

Watch what happens when Bad News Barrett takes to the street and delivers bad news to complete strangers!

See Barrett's Intercontinental Title wins |  Barrett calls out Manchester United's Rooney

You think Jimmy Kimmel’s “Pedestrian Question” and “Lie Witness News” segments are hilarious? Watch the reactions of everyday people when Barrett’s entrance theme catches them off guard, and he approaches from the shadows to ruin their day!

What happens when Bad News Barrett gives a winning lottery ticket to a stranger who later finds out its fake when he goes to cash it in? What about when Barrett offers to renovate someone’s house but uses cardboard and papier-mâché instead of concrete and steel? If you’re expecting a sappy tearjerker like “Extreme Home Makeover” … well, we’ve got some BAD NEWS! — KEVIN POWERS

'Fandango's Troupe'

8 Superstar reality shows we want to see

Starring: Fandango and Rosa Mendes

To a kid, everything sounds like music — and that means there’s always a chance to dance. So what are overwhelmed parents to do when their little ones won’t take off their dancing shoes?

See Fandango's entrance video |  Fandango visits Everton Football Club: photos

Have them audition for “Fandango’s Troupe,” of course!

Every week, the new reality series “Fandango’s Troupe” follows the exploits of WWE’s favorite ballroom brawler as he masters the instructor routine for an all-kids dance ensemble. Fandango will teach his pint-sized performers to sashay with swag, all the while dealing with dance moms who seek to micromanage the squared circle-inspired school.

See how the cameras capture Fandango’s demands for perfection and set your DVRs accordingly. In fact, the season premiere runs three hours long due to a repeated mispronunciation of Fandango’s name, a peanut butter-scented cologne and an allergy-afflicted parent.

So, get your kids some dancing tights and practice letting those A’s breathe. The curtain rises on “Fandango’s Troupe” this fall. — MATTHEW ARTUS

'Are You Smarter Than Erick Rowan?'

8 Superstar reality shows we want to see

Starring: Erick Rowan

All that stands between big-brained contestants and a grand prize is WWE’s resident genius, Erick Rowan, who invites brave intellectuals to his secret compound to compete in tests of intelligence and skill.

See Rowan and friends take on The Authority |  Rowan dominates Adam Rose

The challenges run the gamut from blind wine tastings, in which expert vintner Rowan and contestants must identify a blend’s vintage and region, to proving mathematical theorems so complex they make Fermat’s conjecture look like as easy as a Sean Waltman moniker. For the lucky few who advance past the early rounds, the aphorism-dropping Rowan has more surprises waiting. Can contestants keep up with Rowan as he faithfully strums his way through Jose Feliciano’s most intricate guitar riffs? What about the vocabulary quizzes so difficult they would flummox Nick Bockwinkel?

Stay alert, because if the sheep-masked Superstar looks at you askew, you’re out! — JOHN CLAPP

'Hidden McMahon'

8 Superstar reality shows we want to see

Starring: Mr. McMahon

Mr. McMahon is an iconic figure in WWE. As its Chairman, he’s arguably the company’s most recognizable face.

See rare Mr. McMahon photos |  Mr. McMahon on "Muscle & Fitness" cover

But what if he wanted to become unrecognizable? In “Hidden McMahon,” The Boss tries various disguises while toning down his patented strut and booming voice in order to blend into various departments at WWE’s Stamford, Conn., headquarters. His goal: To successfully convince employees that he’s a new hire.

Will the staff catch on? Can Mr. McMahon fool those that have been in his employ for years? Could The Chairman himself be “fired”? The only way to see the sports-entertaining results is to tune in! — MIKE MURPHY

'Feed Him More'

8 Superstar reality shows we want to see

Starring: Ryback

Tom Yum in Thailand. Masala in Morocco. Pierogis in Poland. No matter the country or the food, Ryback possesses an insatiable appetite in any language.

Ryback spoils Axel's WrestleMania announcement |  See Ryback talk about his past

In this reality show, titled “Feed Him More,” The Big Guy devours his way around the globe, getting his passport stamped in foreign lands so he can feast on local fare. Natives try to satiate the Superstar’s ravenous appetite with course after course of both the delectable (Massaman curry) and the dubious (jellied moose nose). A lucky member of the WWE Universe feeling particularly voracious joins Ryback each week for the “Feed Him Face-off” segment to see who can gorge on the most grub in an allotted amount of time.

Ready to see The Big Guy circle the globe and put his digestive tract in a world of hurt? Then it’s time to feast your eyes on “Feed Him More.”  — GREG ADKINS

'The King's Court'

8 Superstar reality shows we want to see

Starring: Jerry "The King" Lawler

Jerry Lawler’s admiration for the female species is well-documented. Still, despite his love of the fairer sex, “The King’s” palace remains without a queen. What better way to solve that than with “The King’s Court,” a reality-show competition that takes place at Lawler’s secret island kingdom.

See Lawler try to help The Bellas reconcile |  Lawler opens his own museum in Memphis

What would happen when a group of 10 beautiful women arrive at “The King’s” ocean empire and vie for his affection? How deep would the games of political and romantic intrigue go when a regal throne is at stake? Could Jerry Lawler be able to choose just one woman? Find out on “The King’s Court!” — BOBBY MELOK

'The Brass Ring'

8 Superstar reality shows we want to see

Starring: The Authority

The Authority knows what’s best for business. They’ve made that clear. They’re also hard to convince. It took Daniel Bryan eight months to show that he was more than a B-plus player — and that’s only because he defeated Triple H at WrestleMania.

The Authority addresses the WWE roster: photos |  See The Authority pay tribute to Cena

Now you can step into Bryan’s kickpads in the boardroom on WWE’s newest show “The Brass Ring.” Contestants compete each week to show off their business acumen, and if they aren’t what’s best for business, The Authority won’t hesitate to Pedigree their corner office dreams. If they can survive the competition untarnished, they’ll score the job of the century. — JEFF LABOON

'The Real Husbands of WWE'

8 Superstar reality shows we want to see

Starring: Daniel Bryan, Jimmy Uso and Tyson Kidd with guest appearrances by Triple H

All the great shows get their own spinoffs. “Cheers” had “Frasier.” “Happy Days” had “Mork and Mindy.” Even now, the roots of “Breaking Bad” have branched off into “Better Call Saul.” So it’s about time that “Total Divas” reaps the fruit it has sown with “The Real Husbands of WWE,” a look into the lives of the WWE Superstars who share their lives with E!’s newest leading ladies. Want to see more of Jimmy Uso’s wisecracks? You got it. Tyson Kidd’s budding bromance with Cesaro? Season-long arc right there. How about Daniel Bryan and Josie? We say again:How about Daniel Bryan and Josie?!

Bryan lectures Nikki Bella on "Total Divas" |  Kidd and Nattie back together on "Total Divas"

The big payoff? An appearance in the finale from the ultimate WWE husband, Triple H, whose presence would break the Internet so badly Kim Kardashian wouldn’t be able to keep up if she tried. In other words: You want big ratings? Better call Paul. Levesque, that is. — ANTHONY BENIGNO

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