Your WWE 2K15 secret weapon: Head Coach Bill DeMott

Your WWE 2K15 secret weapon: Head Coach Bill DeMott

WWE 2K15 has arrived, introducing players to the next generation of video games and giving insight into the arduous training that comes with becoming a WWE Superstar.

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This year, the series introduces MyCareer, a revolutionary new mode that puts players into the boots of a WWE prospect looking to make his way to NXT, the main roster and beyond. To fulfill that ambition and present the most authentic recreation of the trials and tribulations that real WWE prospects endure on a daily basis, WWE 2K15 made sure to include the most important figure in that training process: WWE Head Coach Bill DeMott.

“When I was approached to be a part of the game — like any performer — [I thought it was] the coolest thing ever,” DeMott said. “I don’t really have words for it.

“I feel that as the fans get the game and they experience MyCareer, they’ll get a better feel for what these guys and girls do,” continued DeMott, the tough-as-nails instructor who’s served as a trainer on “WWE Tough Enough” for multiple seasons and boasts 11 years of in-ring experience. “I think the rest of the world will appreciate what’s done here.”

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Though known for pushing potential Superstars and Divas to their breaking points, DeMott’s pupils are numerous among WWE’s rising stars. Names like Paige, Seth Rollins, Sami Zayn, NXT Champion Adrian Neville, Tyler Breeze and Bo Dallas are just a portion of those that trained under the tutelage of the former WCW and WWE Superstar. spoke with several of these disciples to find out just why DeMott’s inclusion in the game is essential in making players feel like a true WWE prospect.

Your WWE 2K15 secret weapon: Head Coach Bill DeMott

“Feels exactly like it does in real life”

Upon learning about 2K adding DeMott into this year’s game, past and present students’ general consensus on the matter fell into two categories: excitement for the game’s authenticity … and sympathy for players.

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“To have Head Coach Bill DeMott in WWE 2K15 is really going to emphasize the realism of what it’s like to start from scratch in WWE,” Seth Rollins said. “Claw and fight your way up in the Performance Center, work your way onto NXT and have the big dog himself barking at you the entire time.”

And he will be barking. During players’ time in the WWE Performance Center in MyCareer, DeMott will be ringside yelling criticisms, aggressively pointing out what they’re doing wrong. It’s something everyone down in Florida knows as a facet of their everyday lives.

For those on the main roster like two-time Divas Champion Paige who have survived DeMott, these are memories they don’t forget. Paige herself admits that, despite the sense of fatigue that comes with reminiscing, putting players through the head coach’s rigors ensures complete authenticity.

“It’s perfect, because everyone who is actually in the Performance Center has to go through Bill DeMott first,” Paige said. “He’s the head trainer, head coach, head everything; he’s the boss man down there.”

It’s DeMott’s way or the highway, just like it will be in MyCareer. He will be analyzing everything players do as they start their path to Superstardom with the same authority he demonstrates in Orlando.

Just ask Sami Zayn. After initially seeing his instructor in the game, when MyCareer mode was first unveiled to the public last September, the rising star couldn’t believe his eyes.

“It looks and feels exactly like it does in real life,” Sami Zayn said. “You're in the ring. Bill DeMott's in the ring, sort of looking at you, just observing everything. It’s exactly like that in real life.”

Your WWE 2K15 secret weapon: Head Coach Bill DeMott

“He will blow you up”

If the point hasn’t been driven home yet, training with WWE’s head coach in WWE 2K15 will not be all Super Mario Sunshine and Rainbow Roads. As the second part of the consensus went, and Zayn explained himself, DeMott’s reputation has not been built upon inaccuracies.

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“The world knows him as a hard-nosed trainer, and that is the truth,” Zayn said. “He will blow you up. He will run you down.”

It’s actually common for garbage pails to be brought out during certain training and tryout days because the intensity of DeMott’s drills can and will induce some lost lunches. Though we’re sure players won’t end up in that bad shape working with DeMott in MyCareer, NXT Champion Adrian Neville said the virtual equivalent could, however, “destroy fingers” from all the button mashing.

A few of his former students mentioned DeMott himself as the toughest challenge players will have to face in MyCareer mode when trying to reach the main roster. This included “Savior of Misbehavior” Corey Graves, who openly described the raw, emotional effects of intense training under the Performance Center’s figurehead.

“Sometimes, we hate him,” Corey Graves stated bluntly. “Sometimes, it's like, ‘God, man, we just need a day off!’”

But despite DeMott’s grueling and intense regimen, Graves admits that the head coach is “the driving force” of the Performance Center “on an everyday basis.”

Your WWE 2K15 secret weapon: Head Coach Bill DeMott

“He always knew when to push me”

In being that driving force, DeMott is well aware that coaching is a two-way street. Like Graves, other students recognized that their unrelenting coach can also play the role of wise mentor exceptionally well.

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“Bill’s a tough coach, but he’s very fair,” Adrian Neville said. “If you step out of line, he’ll be quick to snap you straight back in. But he’s got good advice and he’s a great coach; he’s got lots of experience.”

The wealth of knowledge and advice DeMott has offered his students, and will offer to players in WWE 2K15, is a treasure trove. Having experienced the sports-entertainment industry from numerous perspectives over decades, DeMott’s expertise will only aid players in MyCareer like it already has for several of his pupils.

“When times got tough for me emotionally and physically, he always knew when to push me and when to pull me back,” Rollins said. “And I think that’s really important when it comes to being a head trainer.”

It’s clear that DeMott has a special ability to recognize what a Superstar or Diva needs, as well as exactly when and where they need his assistance most — be it tumbling inside the ring or practicing public speaking in front of a wall of mirrors.

“He got me into extra training, he got me in the [Performance Center’s] ‘mirror room’ … he’d come into the gym when we were working out and push a little bit harder,” Paige explained. “He’s always been really cool and really helpful.”

Though players won’t be getting mirror or weight room experience with DeMott in WWE 2K15, they will have the option of earning bonus insight from the head coach. Once out of the Performance Center, players will be allowed to return to DeMott’s schooling in MyCareer at any time to continue receiving the valuable lessons that have helped out so many before.

They’ll get to see just how valuable these lessons are — and experience several facets of DeMott’s training for themselves — when they turn to WWE 2K15’s MyCareer mode on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If you take his other students’ word for it, it’s a decision players won’t regret.

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