Eve becomes a WWE Diva

Eve becomes a WWE Diva

PHILADELPHIA -- You -- our fans -- have had total control of the 2007 WWE Diva Search, and Monday night on Raw, Eve Torres was announced as the winner.

"I hope WWE's fans see that my desire for this is sincere and I am the only contestant who can offer the entire Diva package," Eve said in her last Final Plea.

Along with Brooke Gilbertsen, Eve managed to stay alive in the Diva Search through all rounds of voting that followed our coverage of the six competitions.

Eve was often targeted by the other hopefuls each week in Wednesday Warnings, perhaps because they all knew what a threat she was to them. Brooke took her last shot at Eve during their SmackDown appearance, but it wasn't enough to change our fans' minds. Brooke had her fair share of attacks during Warnings, as contestants constantly called her too cute and sweet to be a Diva.

"I ask you to please look beyond the surface and make the right decision," Eve said during the final days of the contest.

Congratulations to Eve. Now she has the opportunity to deliver the Diva package she promised.

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