Wednesday Warnings

Wednesday Warnings

We are down to the final four contestants in the 2007 WWE Diva Search, and the race is only getting tighter from here. Who will be the last three to stand when this week in voting comes to an end? The decision is yours alone, but here's who the survivors think should get the Diva heave-ho.

Brooke Gilbertsen
I think Eve should go because I feel like she's shown every bit of her personality and there's not much more to look forward to. To be a WWE Diva, you need to keep everyone engaged, and I just don't feel like she will be able to do that. She's not a true Diva.

Taryn Terrell
Sorry, Brooke. She seems really young. She's always giggling and really cute, but she seems too fragile for WWE.

Eve Torres
I still think it's Brooke. I just think she's not as competitive as the other two contestants.

Lena Yada
First of all, I'm going to vote Taryn because up until now she's been talking the talk. She had an opportunity to prove herself today and she couldn't walk the walk. Second, I'm still going with Brooke. She got my man out of the water and she didn't even give him enough air to breathe. She didn't even save my man.

You've heard what they think, but you are the ones with the power to decide. Cast your vote now and determine which three Diva hopefuls will move one step closer to being crowned WWE Diva.

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