Farewell Jessica

Farewell Jessica

Jessica Hatch was the unlucky candidate who received notice this past Monday night that she was the fourth hopeful to be voted out of the 2007 WWE Diva Search.

"It's a shock, but I understand," said a choked up Jessica.

Jessica took pride in being one of the top contestants in terms of self-promotion. After doing everything she could to get her name out in her home state of Texas, she expanded to a wider audience using radio waves and special appearances.

"I did three to four radio shows a week," she stated. "I just devoted my whole weekend to being on radio shows and attending events. I met all the old wrestlers from back in the day who said, ‘You are in; it's not even a question.'"

Though Jessica believes she did everything in her power to introduce herself to our fans, in the end it just wasn't enough.

"I know things happen for a reason," she said. "I can't change things. I felt like I completely connected with the fans."

In addition to being one of the most determined promoters in the group, Jessica also delivered impressive athletic performances in the competitions.

Right now, she is the odd woman out in reaching our final four contestants, but Jessica remains optimistic that our fans haven't seen the last of her.

"I love everyone -- everyone who voted for me and everyone who didn't," she said. "I can guarantee if anyone got to know me, I would have been their choice. The ones who don't know and love me now, I'll be back and you will learn to love me."

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