Fan Feedback Fridays: Mirandized

Fan Feedback Fridays: Mirandized

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No one ever wants to get arrested, but if it has to happen, you'd be fortunate if the arresting officer looked like one of our three surviving Diva Search finalists.

Thankfully, unlike Todd Grisham, our fans weren't feeling handcuffed this week. Once again you filled the Diva Search Fan Feedback mailbox. Check out what you had to say about this year's Diva Search and remember, the fate of Brooke Gilbertsen, Eve Torres and Lena Yada is in your hands.

As we strive toward the announcement of the winner, we still want to know what you're thinking. Fan Feedback Fridays can't happen without you.

General Comments

Taryn got eliminated? What the heck? She was the best. She should have won. Man, the voting has to be rigged.
Richard -- Wall Township, N.J.

Needless to say, I was V-E-R-Y disappointed when Taryn Terrell was eliminated from Diva Search 2007 earlier this week. Her beauty and athleticism would have served her well as a WWE Diva. Heck, I voted for her every day! However, the majority of the WWE fans have let their voices be heard and Taryn is no longer part of the competition. But I would like to see Taryn eventually signed to WWE as a Diva (a la Michelle McCool...). So, please, WWE...consider signing Taryn as a WWE Diva in the near future...
James -- Inglewood, Calif.

I think the WWE Diva Search is great!! I don't think Jessica should have gotten voted off!!!! Hopefully, one day I will be in the Diva Search!!!
Hayley -- Piketon, Ohio

I thought that Taryn had a good chance of winning this. I also feel that the Diva Search should be continued on programming like Raw, SmackDown and ECW. We've seen them do these great things outside the ring, but I think we need to see them compete inside a WWE ring and fight either against each other or other WWE Divas.
Chris -- Sunrise, Fla.

About Brooke Gilbertsen

I think that Brooke should win because she's hot, she's so athletic and she's very kind. I would love to see her win.
Paul -- Boston

I'm going to admit that I enjoy watching the WWE Diva Search because to me, the most exciting thing about watching wrestling is the Divas. I look up to each and every WWE Diva because they are so beautiful, athletic and just have everything it takes. But I am a little disappointed because I voted for J. Kim and she got eliminated. However, now I am voting for Brooke because she is very beautiful and would make a great WWE Diva. So, please vote for Brooke! Go Brooke!
Mandy -- Phillipsburg, N.J.

I'm pulling for Brooke to win this year. Most people are criticizing her because she isn't as tough or aggressive as the other competitors. However, Torrie Wilson and Maria both aren't powerhouses either, but they still put on a heck of a show. Brooke is by far the HOTTEST contestant. GO BROOKE.
Nick -- Miami

About Eve Torres
I think Eve Torres is the one -- her smokin' hot looks and those eyes make me melt. She's a strong young lady. She has a big future in WWE. Stay your course, girl; perseverance will take you where you want to go. GOOD LUCK!!!
Robert -- Genoa, Ohio

Oh, man... I'm a girl and let me say -- Eve Torres HAS to win!! She is the HOTTEST one there and also the CUTEST! Not only are her looks amazing, but she is a great, caring person!
Kathii -- Toronto

I feel the Diva contestants should have more involvement with the WWE crowds to get more of a feel to see how they would react with WWE fans. As far as the contestants go, I'm voting for Eve Torres. She is beautiful and her personality overwhelms me. My vote's with you, Eve. I hope you are our new WWE Diva 2007.
Gail -- Pacolet Mills, S.C.

About Lena Yada

As a future Diva myself, I think Lena should win. She's athletic, sexy and fun. I'm rooting for the Asian Sensation all the way.
Elizabeth -- Ashland, Ky.

I'm glad to see representation of Asian women this year; WWE is sorely lacking them on the roster. Go Lena!
Chris -- South Boston, Mass.

I am a pretty big fan of Lena Yada. I believe that she has what it takes to become one of the top Divas in Raw, SmackDown or ECW. She has the ability, spirit and beauty. I think I speak on behalf of a great many when I say that I am hoping that Lena gets picked as this year's Diva Search winner. It would be nice to see Lena Yada giving us all a taste of the Asian Sensation! ALL THE BEST, LENA, BECAUSE YOU DESERVE IT.
Gavin -- America, N.Y.

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