Fan Feedback Fridays: Limbo

Fan Feedback Fridays: Limbo

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Since our fans are the ultimate judges in this competition, it's only right we hear what YOU have to say about 2007 WWE Diva Search every single week… So, here's the latest selection of mail piling up in the Fan Feedback mailbox.

Remember the fate of these seven remaining athletic, talented and downright hot women is in YOUR hands and we want to know all about what you're thinking. Fan Feedback Fridays can't happen without YOU.

General Comments
I think this Diva Search has been the best so far. I can't wait to see who wins. All of the Diva hopefuls played their top game in volleyball. Last year, Diva Search was hot… But this year it is HAWT! WWE would be nothing without the DIVAS.
Valentino -- Laguna Beach, Calif.

I think this is by far the hardest Diva Search to choose. The WWE is way better with the Divas. Hopefully, the winner can be the next Candice Michelle or Torrie Wilson.
Nik -- San Diego

It's great that this Diva Search is on the web. However, I would like to see the women at least once on Raw and SmackDown. Sometimes a person who looks good on the Web may be different in front of a lot of nutty fans. And this Diva winner will be in front of these nutty fans straight up every week.
Eddie -- Brooklyn, N.Y.

I like the fact that the Diva Search is exclusive to this year, although I really don't know what volleyball has to do with being a WWE Diva (not too many nets in the ring). So I'll have to wait to see how these girls will measure up to the likes of Melina and Mickie James.
Alicia -- Baltimore

There are some really hot blondes this year. It's so hard to choose which one I like or I think would win the competition... Good luck to all!
Lance -- Cut Off, La.

About Lyndy Frieson
I love Diva Search and I believe this one will be awesome. I think Lyndy will win the competition because she has many skills and is by far the hottest.
Perry -- Houston

Canadian girls rule! I mean, look at the success of Trish Stratus and Maryse in the WWE. Looks like Lyndy has a ton of potential, and she has the looks too! She has my vote! GO LYNDY!!!
Theo -- Toronto

I think that all the girls are beautiful. But I am thinking, because of Canada, that Lyndy is gonna win!
Shelby -- Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada

About Brooke Gilbertsen
Hello WWE, I love your Diva Search. It's exciting and fun. All you need to know is Brooke Gilbertsen… She blows all the competition away. Brooke is hot, sexy, gorgeous… No one -- and I mean no one -- comes close to her. It's a very easy decision. Brooke should be the new WWE 2007 Diva winner. I Love Brooke!
Derek -- Wilson, N.C.

Brooke Gilbertsen is the most natural, sexiest, beautiful potential Diva ever in history, and she is on the Dean's list in college so she is smart. Brooke is just an example of the perfect woman.
Brian -- Riverside, N.J.

I think the 2007 Diva Search is great! This year there are really hot girls. I hope Brooke wins. She is smoking with hotness. If she gets eliminated, I don't know what I would do…
John -- Baltimore

About Jessica Hatch
I love Jessica Hatch. When I first saw her, I knew she was the next Women's Champion. She's the best, truly the best in the contest -- can't you tell?
Mickie -- Brooklyn, N.Y.

I am a fan of the Diva Search and I think this one is going to be just as good as the past Diva Searches. I've got my eye on Jessica Hatch.
Kenneth -- Harrisburg, Pa.

I think that it's better than the ones before it. However, the thing I don't like about it is that it's only on not on any of the three brands that WWE has to offer. With that aside, this year I think I'll be voting for Jessica Hatch. But to all the other contestants I wish you all the best of luck!!!
Kevin -- Southbridge, Mass.

About J. Kim
I really want J. Kim to win. I see a lot of potential, glamour, beauty and athleticism in her. She has a different and unique look from all the other girls and that's a plus. I think she would fit really well with the WWE.
Ricky -- Houston

Hands down, J. Kim will win. She is smoking hot.
Andy -- Honolulu

The Diva Search has been great. I also think that the segments should be on Raw, SmackDown and ECW. My favorite Diva Search contestant is J. Kim. Thanks, from a loyal WWE fan…
Vanessa -- Aberdeen, N.C.

About Taryn Terrell
Well, honestly, I have always liked Diva Search. I'm excited to see someone new come in -- especially a Diva -- because men aren't the only ones that can wrestle... This year I think is going to be the best Diva Search out of them all. These girls are so energetic and you can tell they will do anything to be a part of this. I especially like Taryn Terrell. I personally think she is the most outgoing, gorgeous and athletic out of them all. But, that's not the only thing… She seems to have the brains for this business too.
Katie -- Las Vegas

Taryn gives new meaning to the term blond bombshell! She is the hottest, and if it was up to me she would be the winner!
Andy -- Chicago

I think Diva Search 2007 is hot! I just watched the first competition, volleyball, and I thought all of the potential Divas were hot! I wish all of them could win! It would be interesting to see Taryn win since she was a powerlifter so we could see her go one-on-one with Beth Phoenix and Victoria!
Jon -- Elkins Park, Pa.

About Eve Torres
This year's contestants all bring beauty and personality to the table, but Eve is the standout, as far as I'm concerned. Not only is she almost inconceivably beautiful and extremely athletic, but she's the only one who doesn't remind me of any other Diva past or present.
Don -- Reynoldsburg, Ohio

I've already got my choice and that is Eve... Definitely the most beautiful contestant ever in this competition, and yet is intelligent and athletic. Eve all the way baby!!!
Dale -- Modesto, Calif.

Eve resembles a Latin Lita, much like she looked when she first appeared on WWE with Essa Rios. Very "hot and sexy," which is why I would like to see her win the Diva Search this year.
Mad Dog -- Houston

About Lena Yada
Lena Yada has the full package to be a Diva. Plus, she brings in a different look to WWE if she wins. I can see her kicking ass in ring in the future. Go Lena!
Kevin -- Baltimore

I think Lena Yada should win the 2007 WWE Diva Search! This is the best Diva Search, because you have two Asian women! Thank you WWE for giving Lena and J.Kim a chance.
Richard -- Santa Clara, Calif.

Hi Lena, it's your No. 1 fan. It's great that you're still in the challenge to be the next great Diva. I hope you will win the competition; I will be voting for you every day. I want to see you as a dominant force in WWE women's wrestling soon. You played well in volleyball. I hope you can win the next task. You look amazing and beautiful. I hope I see you at a WrestleMania one day.                                                                                           Johnny -- San Francisco

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