Where Are They Now? Kevin Sullivan

Where Are They Now? Kevin Sullivan

For more than thirty years, "The Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan terrorized opponents all over the world with his methodical, aggressive and hardcore in-ring (and often outside the ring) tactics. From matchmaking to main-eventing, the New England native with the pronounced Boston accent has seen it all in sports-entertainment.

Sullivan's accomplished career began nearly four decades ago when he made a name for himself competing in Florida. In the years that followed, Sullivan's career would weave its way all over the country and he would gain fame as the leader of the "Varsity Club," with fellow amateur wrestling specialists Rick Steiner, Mike Rotunda and Steve Williams.

While working in the Sunshine State in the early '70s, Kevin crossed paths with a certain golden-haired individual who would later go to be a household name. 

"I knew Hulk Hogan before he ever thought of becoming a wrestler," recalled Sullivan. "He was playing bass guitar in a lounge in Tampa, Fla., and we never talked about wrestling."

Sullivan was also there for one of Hogan's first matches in Mobile, Ala., "The Taskmaster" remembers there was something special about the man who was then competing as "Sterling Golden."

"He had a special presence in the ring," said Sullivan. "I could tell he was going to make it, and that he was going to become a major star."

Little did Sullivan know that more than two decades later, he would become a major player in WCW as "The Taskmaster," and lead his Dungeon of Doom on a bitter quest to end the phenomenon known as Hulkamania. A few years later, perhaps fueled by his inability to conquer Hulkamania, Kevin Sullivan hung up the boots for good. 

"Wrestling is a young man's sport," said Sullivan. "I knew my time had passed, and that it was time to move on."

Moving on for Sullivan meant returning to his home in the Florida Keys. There, he owns and operates "Froggy's Fitness" in Tavernier, Fla., the largest gym in the Keys. While Sullivan likes to stay active in the gym, there are other activities that now consume his time as well, including a business he started with a friend.

"I'm in the lobster business," said Sullivan. "Me and a friend have 5,000 lobster traps between us, and we sell them commercially. We have a staff that helps us out, but I like to head out there on the boat myself from time to time and pull some lobsters."

Sullivan also keeps busy with a number of other hobbies. The former Taskmaster makes use of his aquatic surroundings, taking the occasional dive into the surrounding ocean and competing in local shellfish tournaments. Kevin is also involved in an upcoming film project about independent wrestling entitled Card Subject to Change. In addition, the self-professed sports fan was recently spotted in Miami as a spectator at Super Bowl XLI.

When he's not in Florida, Sullivan can be found at his home on Whidbey Island, eighty miles northwest of Seattle. The retired Superstar tries to spend time every month at his west coast retreat.

"I'm in the 8th and the 49th parallel," said Sullivan. ‘I have a place up there that's right on the beach. It's a nice place to kick back and relax."

With his successful career firmly behind him, Sullivan told WWE.com that he doesn't miss climbing into the ring. The veteran bruiser is proud of his career, but even prouder that he was able to move on from the business that he dedicated most of his adult life to.

"I don't miss it anymore," said Sullivan. "I had a lot of great experiences and worked with some great people. It was a wonderful time in my life, and I have nothing but fond memories."

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