What is Way Back Wednesday?

What is Way Back Wednesday?
In the mood to watch some classic WWE action? Want to catch up with some of your favorite WWE Legends and Alumni? Then step back into the past with WWE.com’s Way Back Wednesday! Each week, the WWE Classics team takes you into the Titan Tower archives, where we’ve spent hours digging through photos, videos and more to bring you blasts from the past.

Visit WWE.com every Wednesday for something different – but always classic – from our extensive archives, including content from WCW, ECW, AWA and more. Relive some of sports-entertainment’s biggest clashes in “Classic Rivalries.” See what your favorite Superstars and Divas of the past are up to today in “Where Are They Now?”

On top of that, we’ve found some stuff even we forgot about that will be making its way online. If classic sports-entertainment is what you’re looking for, WWE.com should be your destination every Way Back Wednesday for brand new classic content not yet seen on WWE.com/Classics!

Is there anything you want to see featured on Way Back Wednesday? Let us know on the WWE Classics Facebook page.

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