WWE Classics' 10 Favorite WCW UnCensored Matches

WWE Classics' 10 Favorite WCW UnCensored Matches

Before Extreme Rules presented WWE Superstars with the ability to battle their opponents with varying stipulations, the wrestlers of WCW had an opportunity every year to pull out all the stops and battle in matches unsanctioned by the WCW Board of Directors. During the month of March from 1995 to 2000, WCW UnCensored featured stipulation matches where the typical rules of the Atlanta-based organization did not apply. Simply put, UnCensored was a pre-cursor — a blueprint, of sorts, for WWE Extreme Rules.

On the eve of Extreme Rules 2012, the WWE Classics team takes a trip through time and recalls some of our favorite matches from WCW’s annual unsanctioned extravaganza. ( PHOTOS | VIDEO PLAYLIST)

10. The Mega Powers vs. The Alliance to End Hulkamania - Doomsday Steel Cage Match (1996)

WWE Classics' 10 Favorite WCW UnCensored Matches

In 1996, the nefarious Dungeon of Doom joined forces with The Four Horsemen in an effort to put an end to Hulk Hogan and Hulkamania in WCW. The newly formed Alliance to End Hulkamania decided to battle Hogan at UnCensored inside “The Tower of Doom.” The Hulkster knew he could not battle his enemies alone and enlisted the help of “Macho Man” Randy Savage and reformed The Mega Powers.

The battle featured three cages on top of one another, as well as a traditional ring at the other end of the entrance ramp, and required Hogan and Savage to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. The Mega Powers battled The Alliance all over Mississippi’s Tupelo Coliseum, and as they continued to fight, frustrations mounted between The Dungeon of Doom and The Horsemen. Hulkamania proved its power as The Alliance crumbled and Dungeon of Doom member Lex Luger took out Horsemen leader Ric Flair, allowing Hogan and Savage to secure victory. ( WATCH)

9. Chris Jericho vs. Perry Saturn - Dog Collar Match (1999)

WWE Classics' 10 Favorite WCW UnCensored Matches

The Dog Collar Match is not an uncommon stipulation in sports-entertainment, but UnCensored 1999 featured one of the most memorable. Before both competitors made their way to WWE, Chris Jericho and Perry Saturn were embroiled in a bitter rivalry. The struggle between the two resulted in a match at WCW Souled Out where Jericho defeated Saturn, forcing him to wear a dress for ninety days. Unperturbed by the loss, Saturn began donning a leather dress and make-up heading into his rematch with Jericho at UnCensored. (Saturn also lost a return Dress Match to Jericho at SuperBrawl). ( WATCH)

The battle at UnCensored immediately became memorable thanks to Saturn’s bizarre attire and Jericho’s reluctance to wear the dog collar. When the dust settled, Saturn stood victorious and stopped wearing a frock.

8. Harlem Heat vs. Public Enemy - Texas Tornado Tag Team Match (1997)

WWE Classics' 10 Favorite WCW UnCensored Matches

Harlem Heat is arguably one of, if not, the best tag team in WCW history. At UnCensored 1997, Booker T & Stevie Ray battled their rivals, Public Enemy.  The unsanctioned theme of the event seemed like the perfect venue for the ECW alums, Johnny Grunge & Rocco Rock, allowing them to show off their hardcore style of competition. The contest was a Texas Tornado Match, essentially a free-for-all between the two pairings. Public Enemy made sure to use any and all weapons at their disposal and give Harlem Heat a taste of extreme competition. ( WATCH)

The duos brawled in and out of the ring, using everything from garbage cans to toilet seat lids during the melee. However, Harlem Heat’s teamwork and experience inside the squared circle was enough to claim victory. Regardless of the outcome, both teams highlighted the true theme of the UnCensored event.

7. Arn Anderson vs. Johnny B. Badd - Boxer vs. Wrestler Match (1995)

WWE Classics' 10 Favorite WCW UnCensored Matches

UnCensored 1995 also featured a unique contest pitting legendary grappler Arn Anderson against boxing wild man, Johnny B. Badd. The stipulations were simple — the match could be won by pinfall, submission or 10-count knockout. The two competitors were embroiled in a struggle over the WCW Television Championship, but the personal nature of the rivalry was clearly evident at UnCensored. During the battle, Anderson found it difficult to mount an offense against Badd’s quick hands, and ultimately The Enforcer was knocked out by the flashy fighter in the fourth round. ( WATCH)

6. Team nWo vs. Team Piper vs. Team WCW – Triangle Elimination Match (1997)

WWE Classics' 10 Favorite WCW UnCensored Matches

In 1997, The New World Order was reaching the height of its power. At UnCensored, a team comprised of WCW wrestlers Lex Luger, The Giant and Scott Steiner and a team of competitors hand-picked by “Rowdy” Roddy Piper decided to take on the infamous nWo, consisting of Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Randy Savage and Hollywood Hogan. ( WATCH)

The three teams in the contest each had their own goals. If Team WCW were victorious, The nWo would be stripped off all WCW titles and the members of the black and white-clad faction could not compete for three years. If Team Piper won the match, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper would be granted a Steel Cage Match against Hollywood Hogan for the WCW World Title at a later date. Finally, if The nWo won, they would be allowed to compete on any WCW program and challenge for any WCW title any time.

The bout featured many of WCW’s most formidable and popular competitors, but The nWo had momentum squarely in their favor. Unfortunately for Team Piper and Team WCW, The New World Order (with Dennis Rodman at ringside), overcame the odds and continued to solidify their sports-entertainment dominance. However, The New World Order’s celebration was short-lived as Sting descended from the rafters and dismantled each member of Team nWo, proving once and for all his allegiance to WCW.

5. Sting vs. Lex Luger – Lumberjacks with Casts Match (2000)

WWE Classics' 10 Favorite WCW UnCensored Matches

At Starrcade 1999, Lex Luger took longtime friend-turned-rival Sting out of action for three months. Following this victory, Luger developed a penchant for breaking the arms of those who stood up to him. At UnCensored 2000, Sting returned to face The Total Package with everyone whose arm Luger had broken at ringside wearing casts. With the odds clearly stacked against him, Lex recruited his own cast-wearing lumberjacks to ensure balance outside the ring. ( WATCH)

While the idea seemed a bit over-the-top, the ensuing bedlam in the ring made this bout an UnCensored favorite. Sting and Luger were at their most experienced in their respective careers and their knowledge of each other led to a match that could have gone for hours. However, after Ric Flair attacked Luger as the lumberjacks brawled into the backstage area, Sting picked up the victory with an assist from Vampiro.

4. Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair – Yavapai Strap Match (2000)

WWE Classics' 10 Favorite WCW UnCensored Matches

At UnCensored 2000, the longtime rivalry between WWE Hall of Famers Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan further intensified when the legends battled in a strap match. However, this wasn’t just any normal strap match — this was a Yavapai Indian Strap Match. Although the match itself was an epic battle between two icons, the memory of the contest is overshadowed by the interviews Hogan conducted leading up it.

While hyping the showdown, Hogan kept saying “Yapappai” instead of the correct pronunciation of the Arizona-based Native American tribe, "Yavapai." Because of The Hulkster's enthusiasm during the interviews, many fans believed he was actually saying "apple pie." Thus, an Internet legend was born. ( WATCH)

Unfortunately, due to the legendary interviews, few actually remember the brutal contest between Hogan and Flair. The two WWE Hall of Famers dragged each other all over Miami's American Airlines Arena as they each tried to touch all four corners of the ring. In the end, Hulkamania ran wild and Hogan won the match, but it’s the “Yapappai, brother” that makes this one of our favorite matches.

3. Hak vs. Raven vs. Bam Bam Bigelow – Falls Count Anywhere Triple Threat Match (1999)

WWE Classics' 10 Favorite WCW UnCensored Matches
Hardcore Hak vs. Raven vs. Bam Bam Bigelow - Falls Count Anywhere Triple Threat Match: Uncensored 1999

Three of ECW's biggest stars take WCW to the Extreme at Uncensored 1999.

WCW went extreme at UnCensored 1999, as ECW alums Sandman (known as Hardcore Hak), Raven and Bam Bam Bigelow squared off in a Falls Count Anywhere Triple Threat Match. The three former ECW competitors showed WCW fans what hardcore wrestling was all about inside Louisville, KY’s Freedom Hall. The history between the three extreme icons only added to the excitement of the match as they battled over who was the true “king of hardcore.” ( WATCH)

The match started typically, with each competitor trying to build momentum. However, it intensified as Chastity, Raven’s valet and former ECW alum, wheeled out a cart full of weapons. As garbage cans, steel chairs, tables, kendo sticks, an ironing board and more poured into the ring, chaos ensued and hardcore fans were delighted. Sandman, Raven and Bigelow each proved a rightful claim to the moniker “king of hardcore,” but it would be Chastity’s betrayal of Raven that allowed Sandman to pick up the victory.

2. Dustin Rhodes vs. Blacktop Bully – King of the Road Match (1995)

WWE Classics' 10 Favorite WCW UnCensored Matches

The first match of the inaugural UnCensored was also one of the most unique. This bout set the tone for the type of out-of-the-ordinary contests UnCensored would host. In 1995, Dustin Rhodes battled Blacktop Bully in a King of the Road Match that took place on the back of a tractor-trailer. ( WATCH)

The trailer on the large 18-wheeler was enclosed with livestock wire and steel fencing and filled with bales of hay and weapons such as shovels and pieces of a large wooden fence. The first competitor to climb to the top of the “cage” and sound the truck’s horn would be declared the winner. The two brawled as the truck sped down a country road, but ultimately it was Blacktop Bully who claimed victory. However, although the match was unsanctioned by the WCW Board of Directors, it was deemed too brutal by any WCW standards and both Dustin Rhodes and Blacktop Bully were fired from the company.

1. Sting & Booker T vs. The Road Warriors - Chicago Street Fight (1996)

WWE Classics' 10 Favorite WCW UnCensored Matches

CM Punk’s battle with Chris Jericho at Extreme Rules won’t be the first Chicago Street Fight in sports-entertainment history. WCW UnCensored 1996 featured a tag team variation of the bout, pitting rivals Sting & Booker T against WWE Hall of Famers The Road Warriors. Featuring some of WCW's most popular competitors, this match is hands down our favorite from WCW UnCensored. ( WATCH)

At the time, WCW Tag Team Champions Sting & Lex Luger were at odds with Harlem Heat (Booker T & Stevie Ray) over the titles. In early 1996, The Road Warriors returned to WCW with their sights set on dominating the tag team division. After battling both The Steiner Brothers and Harlem Heat, Hawk & Animal turned their attention towards Sting & Luger. With The Road Warriors' momentum building fast, Sting & Luger formed an uneasy alliance with Harlem Heat at UnCensored to try and stop the Road Warriors.

Even though they were at odds, The Stinger & Booker T teamed up to battle Hawk & Animal in a Chicago Street Fight. Being natives of The Second City, The Road Warriors had a bit of extra motivation to take out their rivals. The clash spilled all over the arena with various weapons being used by both duos. However, Sting and Booker did have one key advantage in their respective tag team partners. An assist from both Lex Luger and Stevie Ray allowed Sting and Booker to pick up the victory, effectively stopping The Road Warrior's dominance.

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