This one's for the ladies: a tribute to valets

This one's for the ladies: a tribute to valets

Many Superstars take on managers during their careers. Having a brilliant mind like Bobby “The Brain” Heenan or Jimmy Hart around to handle the matchmakers, travel plans and everyday minutiae of being a Superstar allows a grappler to put his entire focus on in-ring competition. ( PHOTOS | VIDEO PLAYLIST)

Some competitors, however, like to manage their own affairs and still have an extra member of their party, for a little added flair. More often than not, these Superstars turned to the fairer sex when they needed accompaniment to the squared circle. These lovely ladies amped up the larger-than-life personalities, and often lent a helping hand when officials had their backs turned.

So, take a look back at some of the most vivacious vixens ever to walk down the aisle, arm-in-arm with sports-entertainment’s greatest stars.

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Kimberly Page

This one's for the ladies: a tribute to valets

This brunette beauty first wowed WCW fans in 1994 as the valet for Diamond Dallas Page, who had recently won $13 million playing bingo. DDP, feeling particularly lucky, put a date with his “Diamond Doll” on the line in a series of arm wrestling matches.

Eventually, it was revealed Kimberly actually had the winning bingo card, but Page snatched it out of her hands and claimed it for himself. The bombshell was freed from DDP’s evil grasp by Johnny B. Badd.

For Kimberly, time apparently healed all wounds. After stints escorting Badd and The Booty Man (who dubbed her “The Booty Babe”), she returned to Page’s side when he battled “Macho Man” Randy Savage. She evened things out for “The Master of the Diamond Cutter” when Miss Elizabeth got involved in their epic battles.

She wasn’t just a pretty face, either. An accomplished dancer, Kimberly helped establish the popular Nitro Girls dance crew. The fame may have gotten to her head in 2000, though, as she cracked DDP in the skull with a guitar ( WATCH), declaring that it was all about Kimberly now.

Baby Doll

Baby Doll is the subject of Dusty Rhodes' tirade: May 25, 1985

Dusty Rhodes shares his unfavorable thoughts on Baby Doll and Tully Blanchard.

Tully Blanchard only had the finest things in life: expensive suits, gold watches, fast cars and faster women. When he needed a lady to put the final touch on his championship persona, he would only settle for a perfect 10. He got what he was looking for in Baby Doll.

The tall, blond Texan was the perfect complement to Blanchard’s upper-class lifestyle. Though she was wearing classy outfits, Baby Doll wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty when the situation called for it. If Dusty Rhodes got in Tully’s face, she got her man out of harm’s way and stepped right up to jawjack with “The American Dream.”

That attitude caught Rhodes’ attention, as when Blanchard dared to put his hands on “The Perfect 10,” Dusty came to her rescue. Though Rhodes and Baby Doll seemingly had a great partnership, it didn’t last long, as she turned her back on “The American Dream” during a match with Ric Flair, returning to Blanchard and The Four Horsemen.

Dawn Marie

This one's for the ladies: a tribute to valets

Lance Storm was an extremely serious competitor. That’s what makes his pairing with the lovely Dawn Marie all the more confounding. Introduced as Storm’s answer to Tammy Lynn Sytch in his tag team/rivalry with Chris Candido in ECW, fans couldn’t get what she saw in the stone-faced grappler.

Nonetheless, the brunette stunner was a major help to Storm, and not just in the personality department. With beauties like Sytch, Francine and Beulah McGillicutty ready to throw down with anyone at the drop of a hat, having Dawn in his corner was a relief. With her at his side, Storm racked up several reigns as ECW Tag Team Champion.

After her turn in ECW as a valet, Dawn entered the ring as a full-time competitor in WWE. She is perhaps best remembered for using her good looks to her advantage in a bitter rivalry with Torrie Wilson, romancing her father, Al Wilson, until his untimely passing on their honeymoon.


This one's for the ladies: a tribute to valets

Sapphire may not have been a runway model like some of the other featured valets, but she brought plenty of energy to the ring.

She was first seen as a member of the WWE Universe in late 1989, decked from head to toe in Dusty Rhodes merchandise. Sapphire went wild whenever “The American Dream” hit the squared circle, standing on her chair and screaming nonstop. ( WATCH) Dusty took notice, eventually inviting his biggest fan into the ring to get funky. The Common Man had found his common woman.

Sapphire began accompanying Rhodes to the ring, mainly during his rivalry with “Macho King” Randy Savage, making sure Sensational Queen Sherri stayed in her corner. During summer 1990, though, the temptation of riches became too much for sweet Sapphire. The Million Dollar Man began anonymously lavishing her with mink coats, jewelry, trips around the world and a new Cadillac. When she failed to show up for a match against Sherri at SummerSlam, it was revealed that Sapphire joined up with the millionaire, proving his point that everybody has a price.


Miss Elizabeth

This one's for the ladies: a tribute to valets

We couldn’t post this feature without including the most beautiful woman in WWE history, Miss Elizabeth. The quiet beauty was almost always at the side of “Macho Man” Randy Savage as the quiet antithesis of his deafening bravado.

Clad in stunning eveningwear, Elizabeth shocked the WWE Universe at first. After all, Savage had shunned mastermind managers like Bobby Heenan and Freddie Blassie for the timid woman. ( WATCH) Their relationship was frustrating to those who watched on as Savage bellowed at her to shine his championships and stay at his side.

It wasn’t until she left Savage that the WWE Universe truly understood Miss Elizabeth’s role. With her beside him, Savage won four matches in a single night at WrestleMania IV to capture the WWE Title. Without her, he lost the championship to Hulk Hogan and launched several unsuccessful challenges in an attempt to win it back.

When she reunited with Macho Man at WrestleMania VII ( WATCH), Savage’s career bounced back. Just one year later, he was married to Elizabeth, and the two stood in the ring proudly as he once again held the WWE Championship high above his head.

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