Kane's Most Demonic Deeds

Kane's Most Demonic Deeds

For 15 years, a Big Red Monster has turned the squared circle into his own demonic playground. Oct. 5 marks the 15th anniversary of Kane’s debut in WWE. In celebration of this momentous occasion, WWE.com has decided to take a year-by-year look back at some of The Devil’s Favorite Demon’s best (or worst, depending on your viewpoint) moments. Whether he was locking his brother The Undertaker in a burning casket or breaking up the wedding of Edge and Lita, Kane has undoubtedly made his mark on the WWE Universe. Join us in reliving some of the most devilish deeds of Kane’s career. ( PHOTOS | VIDEO PLAYLIST)

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1997: A Demonic Debut at Badd Blood

Kane's Most Demonic Deeds

Throughout 1997, Paul Bearer, who had been spurned by his longtime ally The Undertaker, warned The Phenom that his brother Kane, once thought to be dead, was indeed alive. Undertaker burned down his parents’ funeral home, with Kane presumably inside. Bearer revealed that The Deadman’s brother was furious with him and would be arriving soon. Undertaker, refusing to believe Bearer, went on about his business, continuing his pursuit of the WWE Championship.

The Phenom took on Shawn Michaels in the inaugural Hell in a Cell Match at Badd Blood: In Your House. He looked to have HBK ready for the Tombstone Piledriver when the lights went out. The strains of an ominous organ echoed through the darkened Kiel Center, now Scottrade Center, in St. Louis arena before a gloating Bearer led out a masked monster clad in red. The WWE Universe watched in awe as the beast called Kane ripped the Cell door clean off the hinges and climbed into the ring to stare down his estranged brother. ( WATCH)

The Undertaker was astounded at his brother’s appearance. He was frozen in place as The Big Red Monster raised his arms and brought them down forcefully, summoning fire from the ring posts. As Kane floored his brother with a Tombstone of his own, neither The Phenom nor the WWE Universe knew what Bearer and his deranged charge had in store for the future.

1998: Kane Sets The Undertaker's Casket on Fire

Kane's Most Demonic Deeds

It quickly became known that Kane had only one goal since arriving in WWE: the destruction of The Undertaker. The Devil’s Favorite Demon interrupted Monday Night Raw every week, steamrolling whoever happened to be in the ring at the particular moment, almost daring The Phenom to fight him.

Regardless of how much Kane and Bearer called for a battle, The Undertaker refused, believing family bonds should not be broken like this. The Big Red Monster pushed and pushed, but The Deadman would not waver. That changed after the 1998 Royal Rumble.

The Undertaker finally got his chance at the WWE Championship, taking on Shawn Michaels in a Casket Match. Once again, he was in position to win, with HBK in the coffin unconscious, until The New Age Outlaws and Los Boricuas attacked him. The WWE Universe was in shock when The Big Red Monster stalked to the ring and cleared out his brother’s assailants. Just when it looked like all was well between The Brothers of Destruction, Kane decked his sibling, then chokeslammed him into the casket, allowing Michaels to win.

The night didn’t end there, however. Bearer and Kane padlocked the coffin, trapping The Phenom inside. Kane pushed it up from ringside to the entrance set, where he hacked into it with an ax, and doused the casket in gasoline. Paul Bearer cackled in delight as he handed lit matches to The Big Red Monster, who tossed them into the accelerant-soaked casket, setting off a blaze that looked to be the end of The Undertaker. ( WATCH)

1999: Kane & X-Pac win World Tag Team Titles

Though he didn’t rid WWE of The Undertaker like he hoped in 1998, Kane put The Phenom through battles he’d never forget, including the first Inferno Match. But by 1999, The Big Red Monster had moved on from his family rivalry. He had been brought into Mr. McMahon’s Corporation, and then betrayed by the devious WWE Chairman.

The Devil’s Favorite Demon soon found friendship in the most unlikely of places. Kane and X-Pac became best buddies and tag team partners. X-Pac saw that there was more to Kane than a big, brooding monster. He urged The Big Red Monster to speak his first unaided words to the world. The two surprisingly gelled in the ring, shocking the WWE Universe by defeating Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett for the World Tag Team Titles in March. ( WATCH)

Unfortunately, the friendship didn’t end particularly well. X-Pac joined back up with his D-Generation X running buddies, burned Kane with a flamethrower and stole his girlfriend, Tori, ensuring that there would be no tear-filled reunion between the once-close pals.

2000: The Brothers of Destruction Join Forces

After being betrayed by X-Pac, it would have been understandable if Kane wasn’t so willing to open up and trust someone again. He did strike up a brief understanding in 2000, though, with his most bitter rival: his brother, The Undertaker.

The pair that would come to be known as The Brothers of Destruction joined forces, putting the WWE’s tag team division on notice during summer 2000. Kane and The Undertaker teamed up with The Most Electrifying Man in All of Entertainment, The Rock, to wage war with Mr. McMahon, Shane McMahon and Triple H, who were ruling over WWE with dictatorial power. ( WATCH)

Though The Big Red Monster and The Deadman’s partnership lasted long enough for them to challenge Edge & Christian for the World Tag Team Titles, it didn’t last much longer. Kane viciously attacked his brother on an August 2000 edition of Raw, kicking off another chapter in their rivalry. It came to a head at SummerSlam that year in a vicious match that suddenly ended when The Undertaker ripped Kane’s mask off, sending the demonic Superstar fleeing. 

2001: Kane Sets a Royal Rumble Record

Kane's Most Demonic Deeds

The Royal Rumble Match is the perfect environment for Kane given it’s every man for himself nature. The 30-Superstar melee also has the ultimate prize on the line: a guaranteed World Title opportunity on The Grandest Stage of Them All, WrestleMania. So, there was plenty for Kane to look forward to at the 2001 edition of the Rumble.

The Devil’s Favorite Demon entered the fray at No. 6, terrifying future WWE Hall of Famer Drew Carey into eliminating himself. After the comedian made his exit, Kane went on an absolute tear, leaving a path of destruction behind him. ( WATCH)

When all was said and done, The Big Red Monster tossed 11 Superstars out of the Royal Rumble Match. He was also one of the final two competitors in the contest. Though he was dismissed by “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Kane’s elimination total is the most by any Superstar in a single Royal Rumble Match. In the 11 Rumbles since then, no one has even come close to matching the carnage that Kane unleashed on that night in New Orleans.

2002: Kane Wins a TLC Match By Himself

TLC 4: Raw - World Tag Team Championship TLC Match, October 7, 2002

The WWE Universe is treated to the first ever TLC Match in Raw history!

TLC 4: Raw - World Tag Team Championship TLC Match, October 7, 2002

The WWE Universe is treated to the first ever TLC Match in Raw history!

Kane formed another unlikely alliance in 2002, this time with a masked marvel decked out in neon green from head to toe, The Hurricane. The Big Red Monster would have been the perfect supervillain for the superhero under normal circumstances, but for whatever reason, Kane took to the diminutive good guy. The pair handily defeated Christian & Lance Storm to capture the World Tag Team Championships in September. Just a few weeks into their reign, Kane would face one of his greatest challenges as a competitor.

At the very first edition of Raw Roulette, General Manager Eric Bischoff forced Kane & The Hurricane to defend their titles in a match whose stipulation would be determined with a spin of the roulette wheel. The champions watched the wheel slow down and land on one of the most dangerous matches in WWE: Tables, Ladders and Chairs.

Before the bout against the teams of Jeff Hardy & Rob Van Dam, Christian & Chris Jericho and Bubba Ray & Spike Dudley, the champions’ chances of retention were dealt a huge blow, as Triple H & Ric Flair brutally attacked Hurricane backstage. Kane was left without a partner heading into the brutal bout against six competitors with tons of TLC experience between them.

The Devil’s Favorite Demon fought valiantly, but the odds looked like they weren’t going to be in his favor at all. But as the other three teams quarreled over the titles, bashing each other with ladders and sending each other crashing through tables, Kane found an opening. He chokeslammed Jericho off a ladder, a move which took a great deal out of the monster. However, Kane reached deep down inside himself and sat up much like his brother, before scaling the ladder and retrieving his and The Hurricane’s titles. The Big Red Monster had survived TLC on his own.

2003: Kane Unmasks

Kane's Most Demonic Deeds

Throughout 2002 and 2003, Kane had his sights set on Triple H and the World Heavyweight Championship. At No Mercy 2002, he lost his Intercontinental Title in a unification match to The Game. Still, The Big Red Monster was unwavering in his quest to capture Raw’s top prize.

After prodding General Manager Eric Bischoff enough, Kane was granted another opportunity at Triple H and the title. However, there was a caveat: If Kane lost, he would have to remove his mask and reveal his face to the WWE Universe.

On June 23, in Madison Square Garden, Triple H did everything he could to fight off the challenge of The Devil’s Favorite Demon. Ric Flair did his best to distract Kane, but got a Chokeslam for his efforts. Just when Kane looked to have the championship within reach and Triple H in his clutches, Randy Orton ran into the ring and low-blowed the challenger, giving The King of Kings the opening he needed to steal a victory.

Though he was extremely hesitant to do so, Kane lived up to his end of the bargain. As a jam-packed Garden and his tag team partner, Rob Van Dam, watched on in wonder, The Big Red Monster reluctantly removed his mask, revealing his scarred face to the world ( WATCH). The WWE Universe was in awe, setting Kane off in a rage as he attacked RVD and showed an unbridled fury. Superstars had to watch their backs because Kane was angrier than ever.

2004: Kane Marries Lita

Kane's Most Demonic Deeds

Though the loss of his mask forced him to reveal his unfriendly visage to the world, Kane still found love, or something close to it. The Big Red Monster courted the lovely Lita in a unique way, kidnapping the former Women’s Champion. When it was revealed that Lita was carrying his child, Kane did the right thing and offered (or demanded) to make an honest woman out of her. A WWE wedding was on.

Decked out in a white tuxedo, Kane made his way into the ring/wedding chapel with a string quartet playing his entrance music. It was hauntingly beautiful. The unwilling bride walked down the aisle dressed in black for a ceremony featuring a reading from Eric Bischoff.

The two prepared their own vows, more or less saying that they would be joined together in wedded agony. Just as the priest was about to make things final, Lita’s true love, Matt Hardy, tried to rescue her. As the runaway bride and her beau dashed off, Kane made a wall of fire burst up from the stage, preventing them from getting away. The demonic Superstar attacked Hardy, chokeslamming him off the stage, ensuring that his wedding day wouldn’t be ruined. ( WATCH)

2005: Kane Breaks Up Edge & Lita's Wedding

Kane's Most Demonic Deeds

Unsurprisingly, Kane and Lita’s unholy matrimony didn’t last. The Diva ditched The Devil’s Favorite Demon in mid-2005 for The Rated-R Superstar, Edge. The two flaunted their love in Kane’s face, digging the knife a little deeper when they revealed they’d be getting married in the center of the ring on Raw.

The “save the dates” were sent out for the June 20, 2005, edition of Monday Night Raw. Edge and Lita smirked as the unusual Snitsky recited a poem written specifically for the occasion. The Ultimate Opportunist and his bride-to-be even had a little fun at the expense of the WWE Universe, making it seem as though Matt Hardy would break up the nuptials, only to reveal it was a ruse.

What the happy couple didn’t expect, though, was Kane crashing the party. As the priest was wrapping up the ceremony, The Big Red Monster tore through the canvas, grabbed Lita by the ankle, attempting to drag her into the abyss underneath. The Rated-R Superstar snagged his bride from the demon’s clutches and ran away, leaving the priest alone in the ring with the devilish giant. Kane looked as if he would show the holy man some mercy, helping him to his feet and dusting him off, but The Big Red Monster couldn’t resist the opportunity to raise a little hell. He put the finishing touches on the ceremony by delivering a Tombstone Piledriver to the priest! ( WATCH)

2006: Kane Faces ... Himself?

Kane's Most Demonic Deeds

After the whole wedding phase, Kane took some time to focus on himself. The Big Red Monster went Hollywood, starring in the horror film “See No Evil.” When he came back to the ring after shooting the flick, someone appeared to be out to get Kane. The Devil’s Favorite Demon was haunted by voices repeating the date May 19, the release day of his movie. The eerie voices mysteriously asked Kane “Do you know what happened on that day?” and claimed “It’s happening again.”

The mere mention of May 19 sent The Big Red Monster into frenzy. Eventually, Kane revealed that May 19 was the day his and The Undertaker’s family perished in a funeral home fire. He tried to suppress his rage, but failed more often than not.

The source of torment revealed itself on the May 29 edition of Raw. A mysterious figure dressed up like Kane, wearing his mask and ring attire from Badd Blood 1997, approached the ring as the true Big Red Monster stood frozen in confusion ( WATCH). As Kane tried to make sense out of this situation, his doppelganger laid him out with a Chokeslam, setting off a brief rivalry ( WATCH)that ended with Kane ridding himself of his demons (well, one of them, at least), taking back his mask by force and sending the impostor packing. ( WATCH)

2007: Kane Bodyslams The Great Khali

Kane's Most Demonic Deeds

Though “See No Evil” had been out for nearly a year by the time WrestleMania 23 came around, Kane had blurred the lines between himself and his character in the movie, Jacob Goodnight. He began carrying a large hook with him to the ring, much like the movie monster.

On The Grandest Stage of Them All, Kane hoped to vanquish The Great Khali, who had cost him a spot in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. He faced The Punjabi Nightmare in Detroit, and 20 years to the day that Hulk Hogan slammed Andre the Giant in nearby Pontiac, Mich., Kane picked up Khali and muscled him over with a huge bodyslam, creating his own WrestleMania moment. 

2008: Kane Wins The ECW Championship at WrestleMania XXIV

Kane's Most Demonic Deeds

The Big Red Monster topped himself one year later at WrestleMania XXIV. Kane was entered into a Battle Royal before The Show of Shows went live on pay-per-view. He handily tossed out anyone he could and won the melee, earning a title opportunity against ECW Champion Chavo Guerrero.

The Mexican Warrior, stood in the ring later that night, brimming with confidence as he watched the entrance area for Kane’s arrival. Fire shot out from the stage as the Citrus Bowl turned a horrifying shade of red. The Big Red Monster was nowhere to be found, though.

Kane used the element of surprise, sneaking into the ring behind Guerrero. The official tried to warn Chavo that the demonic Superstar was standing behind him, but the ECW Champion wouldn’t listen until the referee forcefully turned him around to face Kane.

Guerrero charged at The Big Red Monster, but ran right into his clutches. The champion’s fate was sealed with a single Chokeslam. The WWE Universe exploded as Kane captured the ECW Championship in seconds, putting The Land of Extreme on notice. ( WATCH)

2009: Kane Canes Khali

Kane's Most Demonic Deeds

The Devil’s Favorite Demon rekindled his rivalry with The Great Khali after being drafted to SmackDown in 2009. Kane cost The Punjabi Nightmare a match against Dolph Ziggler at The Bash, cracking Khali with a steel chair.

The two monstrous Superstars faced off twice in the following months. The Big Red Monster opted to try and distract the giant by going after his brother and manager, Ranjin Singh. The distraction paid off, as Kane soon found an opening to dropkick Khali’s leg, sending the monster crashing to the ground. Kane caught him with a DDT, defeating the giant.

In the final match between the two at Breaking Point, Singapore canes were legal. Khali tried to break the canes before The Big Red Monster could utilize them, but failed. Kane brutalized The Punjabi Nightmare before ending the rivalry with a giant-sized Chokeslam.

2010: Kane is Money in the Bank

Kane's Most Demonic Deeds

The year 2010 was a huge one for The Big Red Monster. He probably wasn’t considered a favorite heading into SmackDown’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match in July. Faced with overcoming foes like Big Show and Matt Hardy, along with young upstarts like Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes, Kane had a big challenge ahead of him.

The Devil’s Favorite Demon, however, performed extremely well. He surprised the WWE Universe by chokeslamming McIntyre off the ladder and retrieving the briefcase, earning a World Heavyweight Title opportunity at any point he chose over the next year. ( WATCH)

Kane didn’t wait long to cash in. After World Champion Rey Mysterio successfully defended his title against Jack Swagger later that night, The Big Red Monster brought an official down to the ring and surrendered his contract. One Tombstone Piledriver later and WWE’s blue brand got a little more red. ( WATCH)

2011: Kane Reveals The New Face of Evil

Kane's Most Demonic Deeds

Kane disappeared for a spell in 2011. After shaking hands with Randy Orton following a vicious Street Fight defeat, The Devil’s Favorite Demon felt he had become too human. A brutal attack by Mark Henry gave Kane time off and the opportunity to reclaim the inner torment that made him a monster.

He chose to make his return at the 2011 Slammy Awards Ceremony on Raw. As John Cena battled The World’s Strongest Man, the lights went out and explosions went off as smoke filled the arena. Wearing a metal welder’s mask, The Big Red Monster fixed his haunting stare on the ring. The WWE Universe was sure Kane was back for retribution on Henry, only to be shocked as The Devil’s Favorite Demon chokeslammed Cena. ( WATCH)

Kane then removed the metal mask, revealing that he had gone back to his roots, donning a horrific new hood. There was no doubt, The Big Red Monster was back.

2012: Who is the Tag Team Champions?

Kane's Most Demonic Deeds

The Devil’s Favorite Demon went on a path of rage after his return, tormenting John Cena, Zack Ryder and numerous other Superstars. His anger got the best of him at SummerSlam 2012, when after a loss to Daniel Bryan, he viciously attacked announcer Josh Mathews.

As a result, Raw General Manager AJ Lee sent Kane, along with Bryan, who had his own rage issues, to anger management class. The two foes reluctantly joined the group therapy sessions. To the surprise of everyone, Kane was more than willing to open up to Dr. Shelby, going through his entire life in great detail. ( WATCH)

In hopes of getting the pair to respect each other and tame their anger, Bryan and Kane were forced to enter tag team competition. Though they fought more often than they worked together, the duo called “Team Hell No” found success when they captured the WWE Tag Team Titles at Night of Champions. ( PHOTOS)

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