The 10 wildest animal sidekicks

The 10 wildest animal sidekicks

It helps to have someone in your corner. Whether it’s a manager, a travel buddy or a tag team partner, every Superstar could use someone by their side. Some competitors, however, find they get along better with a feathered, furry or scaled friend watching their back. Their animal accompaniment served as an extension of their over-the-top personalities, making them even more endearing — or dangerous — to the WWE Universe. ( PHOTOS)

But whose creature companion is the best of all time? WWE Classics set out to rank the top 10 members of WWE’s animal kingdom. Find out who rules the roost!


The 10 wildest animal sidekicks

Jake “The Snake” Roberts adapted enough reptilian qualities that he didn’t need a giant python with him. He learned to slither around the ring, wore snakeskin boots into battle and spit words that were more poisonous than any viper’s venom.

That didn’t stop Roberts from slinging a canvas bag over his shoulder as he stalked down to the ring. Opponents were creeped out as the sack in the corner moved around as Damien slithered around uncomfortably. After they inevitably fell to Roberts’ signature DDT, the poor saps got up close and personal with Jake’s slithering friend. As the scaly python wrapped around their incapacitated body, there’s no telling what these unlucky losers were thinking as “The Snake” claimed another victim.


The 10 wildest animal sidekicks

WWE Hall of Famer Koko B. Ware earned the nickname “The Birdman” for his aerial expertise. Koko, however, took it to another level when he introduced the WWE Universe to his pet macaw, Frankie. The blue and yellow bird sat on Koko’s shoulder as he danced down the aisle during the late ’80s and early ’90s.

Frankie always had the best seat in the house for “The Birdman’s” matches, sitting on a perch at ringside. When things went Koko’s way and he had his arm raised in victory, Frankie flew up to the top rope for a celebratory boogie with his best bud.


The 10 wildest animal sidekicks

Davey Boy Smith and Dynamite Kid’s tenacity in the squared circle earned them the name The British Bulldogs. To embrace their moniker, the powerful pair began bringing a bulldog from their homeland to ringside during 1987. Matilda dutifully watched as The Bulldogs muscled around the competition with the aim of regaining the World Tag Team Championships they were cheated out of by rogue referee Danny Davis and The Hart Foundation.

It wasn’t the Harts they had to worry about in the long run, though, but Bobby Heenan and his Islanders. During a bout between the two pairs in early 1988, “The Brain” hopped onto the ring apron and distracted the Brits, leaving them open to a beatdown by Haku and Tama. After the damage was done, The Islanders grabbed Matilda and dashed off with the dog in hand.

The British Bulldogs eventually regained possession of their mascot, nursing her back to health before WrestleMania IV, where they got their hands on the dognappers, Heenan and The Islanders. 

Ricky Steamboat's Dragon

The 10 wildest animal sidekicks

As his career progressed, Ricky Steamboat embraced the moniker of “The Dragon” more and more. Whether he was wearing a giant dragon’s head in WCW or breathing fire during his second stint in WWE, he definitely became enamored with the legendary creatures.

During his first spell with WWE, he began searching for a dragon to bring with him to ringside. While fire-breathing reptiles probably would have been frowned upon by WWE officials, Steamboat found the next best thing. He began carrying a close relative, the Komodo dragon, with him to the squared circle.

While the Komodo doesn’t breathe flames, it certainly was intimidating, with its long, sharp claws and snake-like tongue. It served as the perfect counter to Jake Roberts and Damien, when “The Snake” collided with “The Dragon” in 1986.

Harlem Sewer Rats

The 10 wildest animal sidekicks

Though he was terrified of snakes, Bad News Brown decided to pick a fight with Jake “The Snake” Roberts. To help him combat the reptilian Superstar and his pet python Damien, Brown went back to his hometown of Harlem, N.Y., to find the meanest, nastiest predator to devour the snake. He came back with a cage filled with “Harlem sewer rats.”

While WWE fans never got up close and personal with Bad News’ rodents, as he kept them in a covered cage, he assured everyone that he was getting them nice and hungry for his showdown with Roberts and Damien at SummerSlam 1990.

But before he could feed “The Snake’s” python to his pets, Roberts, with the aid of The Big Boss Man, vanquished Brown. He left WWE, along with his rats, shortly after.


The 10 wildest animal sidekicks

Torrie Wilson always liked to have a little backup at ringside. Whether it was in the form of Superstars like Billy Kidman or Tajiri, fellow Divas Candice Michelle and Victoria, or her pet Maltese Chloe, the blond bombshell was never alone.

Chloe’s presence may have paid off most for Torrie. After all, who wouldn’t be distracted when a tiny white puppy scampers across the ring? Though she may not be the most well-known animal on this list, Chloe certainly is the most high profile. She’s the only animal ever to have a profile on Unless you count George “The Animal” Steele.


The 10 wildest animal sidekicks

After years of carrying around (and talking to) a mannequin head, the unstable Al Snow made the upgrade to living companionship when he adopted the adorable Pepper. Snow brought the tiny Chihuahua to ringside with him, which turned out to be the worst place for the pooch. The little canine was dognapped by The Big Boss Man, leading a distraught Snow to beg for the safe return of his pal. Boss Man initially agreed, if Snow would give him a Hardcore Title opportunity. After Snow retained his championship, the former corrections officer went back on his word.

Snow implored Boss Man further to keep Pepper from harm, but it was not meant to be. The ex-cop brought Snow to his hotel room to have dinner, supposedly to extend the olive branch. Instead, The Big Boss Man fed an unwitting Snow a meal made from his friend in one of the most dastardly and disgusting acts in WWE history.

The Undertaker's Vulture

The 10 wildest animal sidekicks

The Undertaker isn’t remembered for carrying around an animal like the other Superstars on this list. But no animal was more symbolic of what he represents than the vulture that accompanied him to the ring for his WrestleMania IX showdown with Giant Gonzales.

As he was pulled to the ring in a funeral chariot by Roman soldiers at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, the bird of prey ominously spread its wings from a perch near The Phenom’s head. The crowd in the outdoor stadium was in awe as the vulture signaled the arrival of The Undertaker, who had demonic plans for his massive opponent.

Boogeyman's Worms

The 10 wildest animal sidekicks

The Superstar that went bump in the night didn’t come alone. The Boogeyman gyrated into the nightmares of the WWE Universe, confusing any Superstar who came across his path. The creepy competitor’s unusual behavior didn’t stop at the bell, though.

The Boogeyman, for whatever reason, always had a big handful of earthworms squirming around in his pockets. The nightcrawlers oozed around until their owner found victory, when he took delight in consuming the worms as a post-match snack. If having to take on this frightening man wasn’t enough for his foes, after their defeat, they also got a mouthful of worms for their troubles, too.


Jake "The Snake" Roberts' Cobra

Jake "The Snake" Roberts attacks Randy Savage with a cobra: WWE Superstars, November 23, 1991

After winning a match, Jake Roberts convinces Randy Savage to come to the ring and assaults "Macho Man" with his snake.

When Jake Roberts embraced the dark side in 1991, nobody expected him to become even more vicious and sadistic than he already was. But that’s exactly what happened. “The Snake” ditched his second python, Lucifer, for a breed of snake more in line with his evil personality.

Roberts had set his sights on the recently retired “Macho Man” Randy Savage. Knowing that Savage couldn’t get retribution in the ring, “The Snake” provoked “Macho Man” week after week. Eventually, the former WWE Champion couldn’t take it anymore, though he was on the verge of being reinstated.

Heading to the ring to face the slithering Superstar, Savage got blindsided by Roberts when officials tried to stop him. “The Snake” ensnared “Macho Man” in the ropes, then went to the sack he carried with him everywhere. He unleashed his new pet, a vicious king cobra, in the ring, immediately sending it into attack mode. Roberts grabbed the angry snake and guided it to bite down on the “Macho Man’s” arm as “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and officials tried to end the madness.

The crazed attack gave WWE President Jack Tunney every reason to reinstate Savage, meaning Roberts had to watch his back at all times.

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