WWE Superpowered: What if Superstars were superhuman?


WWE Superpowered: What if Superstars were superhuman?

When you think about it, WWE Superstars and Divas might be the closest thing to real-life comic book characters — without the superpowers, of course. That is until now.

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WWE.com asked Superstars and Divas in the locker room what their ideal superhuman identities would look like, and the answers we got were rather revealing. What superpower would Roman Reigns have? What kind of costume would Dolph Ziggler wear? Who would be Paige's archenemy? Find out these answers and much more as we give you a glimpse of your favorite in-ring grapplers as out-of-this-world superhumans in "WWE Superpowered."

Roman Reigns as "The Gunslinger"


WWE Superpowered: What if Superstars were superhuman?

ALIGNMENT: “I think I’d be both [a hero and a villain] like Wolverine. He's a hero, but it’s not really by his choosing. He’s still edgy and kind of a loner. So a bit of a lone wolf hero.”

POWERS: Health regeneration; ability to control metal

COSTUME: “I’d probably keep it similar to what I wear now. I like to think I have the coolest gear in all of WWE history and I’m willing to argue that until the day of my death.”

ARCHENEMY: "Captain America. He sucks."

ALTER EGO: “I don’t think I would hide it. I would just be in Superman mode the whole time. There is no nerd version of my superhero; he’s just a man all the time."

WEAKNESS: “No weakness. I would never explain my weakness. You can’t do that, it’s ridiculous.”


Paige as "Rampaiger"


WWE Superpowered: What if Superstars were superhuman?

ALIGNMENT: “Villain, because you get to have a lot more fun that way, don’t you?”

POWERS: Invisibility

COSTUME: “It would definitely be all black, some kind of spandex, tears in it. Extra badass, extra villain.”

ARCHENEMY: "Wonder Woman. I’d like to kick her butt.”

ALTER EGO: "Musician. I'm just an entertainer — people have no idea."

WEAKNESS: “I have no weakness. There’s no kryptonite here.”


Seth Rollins as "The Dark Lord"


WWE Superpowered: What if Superstars were superhuman?

ALIGNMENT: "We both know the answer to that question. I'd undoubtedly be a villain."

POWERS: Flight

ARCHENEMY: “Definitely Superman; I hate that piece of crap. He gets everything handed to him. He has no weaknesses. I would make it my goal to find Superman’s weaknesses — not kryptonite, but something real-life. I’d find his baby mama. That takes anybody down.”

ALTER EGO: “My alter ego would be someone bright and happy, constantly doing good all the time. Someone like John Cena."

WEAKNESS: "A good-looking woman." 


Dolph Ziggler as "Zig-Man"


WWE Superpowered: What if Superstars were superhuman?

ALIGNMENT: "An accidental good guy. He's out looking for babes and accidentally ends up saving a baby or something."

POWERS: "I’d be a combination of Iron Man and Archer — a playboy detective who gets the last zing on everybody. And the quote would be: ‘Zig-Man!’ And then he walks away.” 

COSTUME: “It’s going to look like a nice, tailored, slim-cut suit, but it’s metal. It’s like James Bond if he was a cyborg.”

ARCHENEMY: “Spider-Man, because it’d get me booked in a couple of movies, which is long overdue. Plus everyone seems to like that guy, even though Mary Jane looks nooothing like the comics.”

ALTER EGO: “I would be a quiet, misunderstood guy. Not a bookworm like [Peter Parker], but a guy who’s well-read and likes to stay up-to-date on topics and has a really great Twitter feed.”

WEAKNESS: "Not as tall as Dr. Doom."


Alicia Fox as "Medusa Mix-A-Fox"


WWE Superpowered: What if Superstars were superhuman?

ALIGNMENT: "I can’t imagine myself being good. I was born with all this evil; it’s genetic."

POWERS: “Definitely laser beams that can blow things up, some teleportation action, some strong wind to get people out of my face. Then, maybe the power to put some cash in my pockets, just in case we’re running low.” 

COSTUME: “It would be something like Avatar meets Tarzan fur, with tentacles. I’d probably look like a really badass octopus.”

ALTER EGO: “My alter ego would be just as sweet as Strawberry Shortcake. She would be a huge humanitarian, educating women on positive living and helping other sisters out. This is the perfect character. I am the villain who saves the world. I would literally just be myself.” 


Bo Dallas as "Mr. Enchantment"


WWE Superpowered: What if Superstars were superhuman?

ALIGNMENT: "I'm obviously a hero."

POWERS: "My superpower would be bringing plants back to life with my thumb ... my green thumb."

ARCHENEMY: "Pollution."

ALTER EGO: "I'd be Bo Dallas, bringing inspiration to everybody on Earth!"

WEAKNESS: "Unnatural gases."


Ryback as "The Incredible Big Guy"


WWE Superpowered: What if Superstars were superhuman?

ALIGNMENT: "If you look at past actions of Ryback, I never came out and said I was a good guy. People just cheered me and screamed, ‘Feed me more!’ I have a huge ego that needs to be satisfied, so I feel I would have a little bit of both qualities. I don’t really believe there is right or wrong, only what you choose to believe.”

POWERS: Brute force and anger

ARCHENEMY: “All weak-minded, scrawny people.”

ALTER EGO: “I would be The Big Guy amongst regular civilians like The Incredible Hulk, who looked like a regular man when he was normal. The Incredible Big Guy is just 10 times larger than The Big Guy."

WEAKNESS: “Much like in real life, my weakness would be beautiful women.”


Fandango as "The Dark Dango"


WWE Superpowered: What if Superstars were superhuman?


POWERS: Invisibility

COSTUME: "I'd be naked, because I'm invisible. If I wore clothes, people would see me walking around."

ALTER EGO: "I'd be Fandango of WWE by day, an invisible man by night."

WEAKNESS: "Clothes."

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