WWE Story Time season 3 premieres on WWE Network

Go behind the scenes of the new season of WWE Story Time

"Mean" Gene Okerlund takes you behind the scenes of the making of WWE Story Time season 3. Catch the next episode, streaming after Monday Night Raw on Aug. 27

WWE Story Time paints an animated picture of some of the most amazing and absurd stories in sports-entertainment, as recounted by the WWE Superstars and Legends who lived them. As history is retold with imagination and illustration, these tales that took place behind the scenes and beyond the ring are finally revealed and brought to life.

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Great Escapes - Streaming after SummerSlam
WWE Superstars and Legends recount some close calls and absurd escapes by themselves, their co-workers and their favorite animal friend. Jeff Hardy’s raccoon runs amuck, Christian has Kane on the brain, Tazz witnesses Michael Cole fleeing the wrath of Mr. McMahon, Pat Patterson and Mean Gene bust out of WWE Legends House, and Jake "The Snake" Roberts has a pair of near-death experiences thanks to his slithery sidekick.
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How Embarrassing - Streaming after Monday Night Raw on Aug. 27
Pride and ego aren’t the only things bruised when these WWE Superstars and Legends fall victim to some embarrassing accidents. Cesaro suffers a wardrobe malfunction, Kofi Kingston learns a valuable lesson in newborn baby diaper duty, Randy Orton’s love for snakes is not reciprocal, Hurricane Helms fails the fart game, and Alexa Bliss turns heads at a humiliating homecoming coronation.

Strange Settings - Streaming after Monday Night Raw on Sept. 3
The bright lights and big arenas are nowhere to be found in the most odd and outrageous places WWE Superstars and Legends have ever competed, both in and out of sports-entertainment. Daniel Bryan shares some developmental disasters, Jim Cornette reminisces about his least favorite Bayou, Mojo Rawley reveals why he is no longer allowed at pool party rap concerts, and Matt Hardy describes Mr. McMahon’s determination to pin an Olympic gold medalist no matter the setting.

New Beginnings - Streaming after Monday Night Raw on Sept. 10
This collection of stories includes WWE Superstars and Legends recalling their first step into unchartered waters, including Dolph Ziggler’s early character struggles, Jake Roberts’ problems with nationally televised broadcasts, and Cesaro’s debut in a dive bar. These tales shed some light on rough first days and not-so-nice new beginnings, from Chris Jericho’s first night in Madison Square Garden, to Paul Heyman’s early days riding with Rick Rude!

Family Feuds - Streaming after Monday Night Raw on Sept. 17
The family that plays together melees together, as these WWE Superstars and Legends recall family quarrels that tested bonds and broke bones. Nikki Bella’s competitive fire is put to the test, Paul Heyman and Luke Gallows each get on their mother’s bad side, Mojo Rawley and his stepdad go head-to-head in a gladiator joust, and Jake Roberts describes why it was always wise to stay away from Bret Hart’s legendary father.

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