WWE Immortals update 2.5 available now

WWE Immortals update 2.5 available now

Claw your way up the ladder in the new update for WWE Immortals.
Introducing the all-new Ladder Match mode — pick your difficulty and battle your way up the ladder, rung by rung. You’ll earn rewards along the way, and when you finish the ladder, you’ll earn the new Platinum Pack, which is the only way to get Platinum Characters.
What are Platinum Characters? A new tier of even more powerful Superstars! The first two Platinum Characters are:

  • Sgt. Slaughter – Your favorite drill sergeant comes to WWE Immortals as a rough and ready Commando.
  • Bray Wyatt – Crackling with the energy of the Dark Lantern that opened the door to the worlds of WWE Immortals, Bray Wyatt has more uncanny power than ever!

Update now!

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