This week in WWE GIFs: Relive a wild WWE Premiere Week!

Kingston vs. Lesnar

What a week! WWE Premiere Week proved to be one of the most historic seven-day stretches in WWE history, including an eventful season premiere of Raw, NXT’s live two-hour premiere on USA and Friday Night SmackDown’s debut on FOX, before wrapping up at WWE Hell in a Cell.

We captured the best moments and reactions from the past seven days and uploaded them to our award-winning GIPHY channel. You can find them on a number of platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram DMs, WhatsApp, Slack, Gmail and more! Which one best expresses you?

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A stunned Beast

Brock Lesnar and the WWE Universe couldn’t believe their eyes when Cain Velasquez arrived at the conclusion of SmackDown’s debut on FOX.



Bayley was beside herself when Charlotte Flair dethroned her as SmackDown Women’s Champion at WWE Hell in a Cell.



KO makes ‘em say OMG

Kevin Owens’ devastating frog splash through a ladder on Shane McMahon had the WWE Universe (especially this guy) leaping out of their seats.


Sup, bro?

Matt Riddle’s positive vibes are infectious. Even NXT General Manager William Regal couldn’t help but dap up The Original Bro before his NXT Title Match.


Friday feeling

Otis was ready for the weekend on Monday night. The big man likes to get comfortable before he gets to ‘dozin, and we can’t blame him.


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