This week in WWE GIFs: Ronda Rousey’s Raw debut, AJ Styles dancing and more

Rousey vs. Fox

SummerSlam is almost here! While the WWE Universe may be excited for The Biggest Event of The Summer, the Superstars of WWE are experiencing a wide range of emotions as the biggest rivalries in WWE reach their boiling point. We captured the best moments and reactions from this week in WWE and uploaded them to our GIPHY channel. You can use them to express yourself on a number of platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Slack, Whatsapp, Gmail and more. Which one best matches your emotions?

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A “Rowdy” debut

Ronda Rousey made her highly anticipated Raw in-ring debut, handily defeating Alicia Fox. As her Raw Women’s Title Match with Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam draws near, Rousey showed exactly why she’s such a dangerous competitor throughout the night, whether it was her pre-match shadow boxing routine, or this unsettling glare she shot Alicia Fox mid-match.



An uncertain advocate

One week after Brock Lesnar seemingly ended their longstanding partnership, Paul Heyman gave an emotional interview that left the WWE Universe even more uncertain about his future. For when you’re feeling devastated and confused, these GIFs are the best way to express yourself.



A glorious entrance

Bobby Roode was ready for action against Mojo Rawley on Monday and let it be known by tearing off his robe and letting out a primal scream. It was a little more aggressive of an entrance than we’re accustomed to seeing from Roode, but just as GLORIOUS.


Are you serious?

Carmella joined the SmackDown commentary team on Tuesday night and was immediately grilled by Byron Saxton. The SmackDown Women’s Champion was none too pleased with the line of questioning, as evidenced here. If you’re ever shocked or taken aback and need to express it online, this GIF of ‘Mella is money.


“I love it when a plan comes together…”

Samoa Joe clearly set out to get inside WWE Champion AJ Styles’ head before their match at SummerSlam by accusing Styles of neglecting his family. When Styles issued a rebuttal on Tuesday night, Joe’s reaction was a devilish laugh, making for the perfect GIF.


Lambs before the slaughter

Meet 3SK, the poor souls who were demolished by The Bludgeon Brothers Tuesday on SmackDown LIVE. Going by this GIF captured shortly before they made their way to the ring, these three gentlemen were certainly psyched up about the opportunity. Too bad it didn’t exactly turn out how they planned…


A phenomenal dance

The New Day were in the celebratory mood after winning the opportunity to challenge SmackDown Tag Team Champions Harper & Rowan at SummerSlam. AJ Styles was in the mood to join them, and did so in hilarious fashion. When you can’t help but dance, The Phenomenal One has you covered in this GIF.


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